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Christmas 2012

I’ve never been good at this “about me” buisness! I do better in person because I have a friendly personality and I can talk to anyone. Not to be mistaken for liking or liked by everyone!! Anyways I am Erica and I am a 39 year old married Mom from Surrey BC Canada. Surrey is about a 30 minute drive from Vancouver BC and from Bellingham Washington, if that helps.

The goal of my blogging is to give myself an outlet to write about my daily life and my attempts to live it in a healthy, happy manner. I will share everything from the mundane to the personal. I will do my best not to step on any toes but I should warn you from time to time I get a little vocal and opinionated when something strikes me just the right way.

So more about me! I have been married to my husband Kevin for eleven years! We have a six year old son named Jacob who is the light of my life! I had no idea how much having a child would change me but I adore every second of our journey with him! We also have a fur baby! I treat our dog Muffin like she may as well be human! Muffin is our twelve year old Havanese poodle and I promise you she has us all wrapped around her little paw!
I grew up on a farm in Langley and attended university with a focus on Psychology before finding a path in the health care field. I’ve worked in the nursing field for the last 17 years. I’m an aunt to 6 beautiful girls and 1 handsome handful of a nephew. When not at work you can normally find me doing things like cooking, baking, thrift store scouring, working out, horseback riding, attempting to garden, and generally living life.

I have a passion for supporting local and small businesses! I adore farm to table food and dream of some day moving back to a farm.

I know I haven’t done a great job of telling you about myself so feel free to ask any questions!

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