Do You Smell Something Burning?

So I have lots to share with you about my life the last few days but for now let me tell you a quick story!!!!

We got home from being in Vancouver all day at 6 PM. Upon returning home I turned the oven on and popped in the meatloaf I prepped last night. I then did a few things and in my heightened sense of frustration I decided to go for a 6 km run! I’m not suppose to be running but more on that later! After the run I went upstairs *we share a duplex* and had a chat with my brother. I mentioned to him I smelled something burning. Ten minutes later at 8 PM I realized what was burning!!!


It is safe to say the meatloaf is cooked and E Coli free!!!!

I don’t usually screw up in the kitchen but when I do it’s epic!!!!!

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