I Remember It All Too Well

Monday evening is upon me once again meaning my first 24 hours of work has come and gone without incident. Today was very different then a normal Monday though. It was an adventure of a work day. I actually spent the day in Bellingham.

Incase you ever wondered that is my “I’m waiting look”

Those two photos pretty much sum up my morning! Although it turned out to be a good day and a successful trip. I even managed to pick up a couple cases of the Starbucks refreshers.


I also got coconut covered cashews which tasted amazing on my dinner salad of mixed greens,micro greens, cilantro,dill, avocado, feta and spicy chicken breast!




While on the topic of food, check out the homemade cupcake I was given at work last night!

Serious yum! I have a weakness for lemon curd! It was delightful and I’m sure fattening as heck!!

My food choices the last few days haven’t been stellar. True story!

Saturday night beer!

Saturday night wine! Oh and 200 bucks worth of lotto scratch tickets! Never fear they were only 1/4 mine!

Sunday morning Starbucks oat fudge nom noms!

And lastly my newly filled planter!

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