My Day … A Condensed Version!

I’ve had a busy day but managed to snap a few pictures along the way!

My day started stupidly early for some unknown reason! I hate it when I wake up early on my first day off! Oh well! I figured I was awake so I made myself an Almond joy coffee!

I found Belle napping under the blankets on the spare bed!

I whipped up a simple breakfast, vitamin d and gluten free toast. I also had a side of cheese and sliced turkey. 20130307-220955.jpg

After breakfast I ventured out to get my nails filled, go to the bank and pick up my new Lululemon shorts and sweatpants!



Once I got my stuff done I came home for lunch. Nothing fancy, left over lasagna and a spinach salad. I tried the Trader joes hummus dressing. It was good though not exactly what I expected



After lunch I ventured back out to do some more errands! I went to FedEx . Thankfully I went armed with my marriage certificate, passport and drivers license! I totally neglected to realize I have no government issue id in my married name and my package had been mailed to me in my married name! All my blog related, Twitter, Facebook, etc stuff comes to me in McGavin. Blogger/wife fail! Also didn’t help my name was misspelled on the package! Last weekend I had to explain my name situation at the pub when I picked up my gift card. I should really change my ID!


In case you’re wondering mini Reese peanut butter eggs solve shipping related

After I came home my sister in law and I took the dogs for a nice long walk. Thoroughly enjoyed by all four of us!


I spent a few hours with three of my girlfriends tonight. I actually needed it more then I realized. We all had a good laugh over my wet pants! Apparently the car seat was wet! We had some good girl talk at Starbucks and did some shopping at the mall. I picked up a few candles at Bath and body works. I also bought a new candle holder because it was adorable!





While at the mall we ventured into Purdy’s Chocolates and I got to hold a cocoa pod and cocoa seeds! I didn’t realize how large the cocoa pods were. It was really need to see how the plant grows. The sweet treat didn’t hurt either!



After my girl time I came home and Kevin and I made dinner! Delicious Greek food. We had barbecued souvlaki chicken, lemon potatoes, greek salad and pitas. I adore Greek food!


So my friends that was my stupidly productive day! Of course Kevin and Muffin were busy working from home šŸ˜‰

So sweet! Well I’m off to bake chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! Check back tomorrow for the recipe!

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