Johnson Lake BC

Simply stunning!

Kevin and I spent last week in paradise. No cell phone, no Internet, no worries. I have travelled all through Canada from coast to coast and a good portion of the USA and I can whole heartedly tell you Johnson lake is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. The blue green lakes took my breath away.




We stayed at Johnson lake Resort and couldn’t be more pleased with our cabins. Jim and Barb, the owners of the resort along with Leslie the caretaker are simply amazing hosts. They made sure we had everything we could need for a stress free, fun, relaxing week.

We spent the first night in a tiny, charming rustic cabin. Very much “roughing it” for me. I giggle because even this rustic cabin wasn’t roughing it in this gorgeous, well laid out resort.


For the first night Kevin got to play outdoors man and walk me to the bathhouse in the dark and make sure the lantern was near by so I could sleep soundly. He barbecued us some burgers while I made salads and we enjoyed our meal on our little deck.

After dinner we went for a walk and I spent some time feeding my new chipmunk friends before heading to the communal campfire.



One of the features of the resort is the communal campfire for the cabins. It was a neat feature and a fun way to get to know your temporary vacation neighbors! It worked as expected because Kevin and I came home from our week with a handful of new local friends and actually plan on Vacationing with them next summer!!!




After our night in the rustic cabin we moved into what was jokingly referred to as the “chateau” for the remainder of our trip.

20130710-130514.jpg Even the owners teased us about the two of us taking the biggest cabin at the resort. I have needs folks ;). Apparently I need enough space for eight people. It was worth every penny. The cabin was amazing. I could have happily lived there!! It had two bedrooms, full kitchen, bathroom, living room area, dining area, fire place and a covered patio. Plus the view of the lake was gorgeous!! We also had our own fire pit which made Kevin happy!





Once we got moved into our castle cabin we really felt vacation mode take over. The week was spent swimming, hiking, reading, relaxing, hanging out with new friends and generally soaking up the perfection we were surrounded with.









The weather was perfect and thankfully not as hot as the forecast had called for! The only part I didn’t care for where how much the Mosquitos liked me!! As you may have noticed in the photo above, I was dinner! Anyways, We kept ourself well fed with very gourmet meals considering we were “camping”. Kevin made me a s’more every night on the fire and I loved every bite. I’m sure I would have indulged more if it wasn’t for the sugar interance issue.

The water in both Big Johnson and Little Johnson lake is crystal clear making the underwater shoals easy to see. The water was chilly but made for great swimming. I wandered out in the lake for sometime enjoying the sand between my toes while Kev finally got a chance to play photographer with his new DSLR. The color and clarity of the water mesmerized me, watching the fish while sitting on the dock was so fun. We had our new friends over one night for card games and drinks aka camping chsos!! We even had a camping movie night! Kevin made us popcorn and we watched a movie on my Tablet while cuddled under blankets! Perfection.




We did some hiking, enjoyed some amazing views.



The resort is about an hour and a half outside Kamloops, near Barrier BC. The road I to the resort is well maintained and accessible by car, truck, RV, etc. I highly suggest checkin out this amazing hidden jewel in the BC Interior!!






Johnson Lake Resort ~The Caribbean Of The North

PS don’t forget to ask Jim to tell you the Johnson lake fishing tale and to keep and eye out for the bones 😉

2 thoughts on “Johnson Lake BC

  1. Looks so awesome! How long in advance did you book? What all did you have to bring? I’m thinking for next summer 🙂

    • The cabins are pretty well stocked. Bring your own bedding and towels. We took our camping dishes but found anything we could have needed was in the cabins! I’d book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. The smaller cabins are considerably cheaper then the large cabin but it all depends on your wants 😉

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