I Promise I’m Still Cooking! 

No one told me becoming Mom would mean I have pretty much zero time to do anything but Mom and Work!!! 

I’m trying my best to find time saving tricks so I can get back to things I love and miss! Things like blogging, running, and having 10 seconds alone! 

So speaking of time saving…Recently Influenster sent me a few Club house organic spices to try! I was skeptical because as an Epicure rep I’m spoiled with and amazing pantry full of spices and meal helpers!  But I have to tell you I was surprised how easy the Chicken Kung Pao came together! It had an amazing aroma and looked beautiful! Only downside for us was it was very spicy!! I simply can’t handle that much spice because of my esophagus damage from pregnancy (thanks Jacob 😉 )

I’m definitely going to try the garlic chicken variety next!! I’ll keep you posted! 

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