One Of Those Days

So today was one of those days. You know the ones. Where no matter what you do, you have a case of the blahs! I guess it happens! Tomorrow will be better! My day was pretty typical for a Monday at work. Nothing overly exciting to report, heck even my breakfast was boring!


Boring but tasty. It also kept me full through my mid morning hour long workout at the gym. Despite my case of the blahs my workout was a success, my abs might tell you a different sob story!!! After the gym I returned to work a snacked on some Honey Greek Yogurt. Oh so amazingly good and packs 12 grams of protein in each serving. Can’t beat that as refueling food!


The rest of my afternoon was anything but note worthy. I totally forgot to snap a picture of my dinner. I wasn’t feeling up to making fancy dinner for myself do I made a couple eggs, turkey bacon and a English muffin. While it wasn’t fancy sometimes you just can’t beat breakfast for dinner!

On the topic of food , I bought a bag of Humbles Hummus chips on the weekend. Maybe the best “healthy” snack chip I’ve found yet. Very flavourful and crisp! Much lower in fat then potato chips and more flavour then Popchips .


I got the sesame garlic flavour but I also saw lemon and feta, as well as a sea salt variety. Has anyone else come across these? Anyone tried them? I noticed on the website they make all sorts oh healthier snacks. Might be worth a try if I can find them locally. Check out the link for more information. I love finding interesting new products, especially when they taste good!

The rest of my night is going to include some yoga, my hamstrings are super tight so I figure the yoga will help. I hope! After that I have a date with a long hot shower and some blog reading time!

Hope everyone’s week goes well, I mean we made it through Monday! That’s something right 😉


3 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. Do you find that the yoga at night helps more if you have had a tough gym session, and do you do the yoga sessions most nights anyway, or just when feeling particularly sore? I’m trying to find ways to spice up my exercising!

    • Hey ;). I do yoga when I’m not laying into people on Facebook!!! Seriously though, I don’t do yoga nightly because my wrists can’t handle it. My wrists and hips are my two most affected joints. I do try and do it a few times a week though. Normally at night or right after the gym. I find it held stretch out my muscles and I wake up feeling less muscle piain. It’s very good for releasing tight hamstrings and back muscles I find. Plus it is just relaxing. Even if you don’t have a ton of time a couple rounds of sun salutations are great for your muscles, mood and stress level.

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