So Much For Daily!!!

Happy Saturday!!!! So it’s been a few days since I’ve updated. The week had its ups and downs that’s for sure! Ups included but not limited to awesome work outs at the gym, my Dad’s birthday, a day trip to Bellingham with Kevin, a glorious day of thrift store shopping, and a day date with my man! Not to mention my kitchen successful adventures.

The only real down side of the week being my pain level. Yesterday was by far the most pain I’ve felt since mid summer. Of course that is a relevant statement considering I live with pain daily. Just the last few days has been very bad. Luckily I see my specialist soon. Enough about that! On to the pictures!

My Food!


I can’t seem to get enough Greek yogurt these days and this passion fruit flavour was spectacular!


I decided to invent a recipe while I was at work…I ended up making high protein low fat banana peanut butter muffins! These little bad boys pack a serious nutritious punch! Lots of protein, fibre and no junk minus six chocolate chips!


My boss and I wanted something veggie packed for dinner so I whipped up a stir fry with lots of veggies, chicken breast and a sweet chilli sauce served on a bed of quinoa. Serious healthy yum!



I tried a new to me oatmeal and it was very tasty served in my usual peanut butter, banana fashion. I’ve tried a few of the Bob’s Red mill products and I’ve never been disappointed.


I’m not sure what I was thinking yesterday morning at Starbucks but in that cup is a grande chamomile tea. Nothing unusual right?!??! Except for some reason my loopy brain decided to dump cinnamon in it along with the usual honey! Luckily it didn’t taste bad because by the time I realized what I had done we were already in the border line up!


I baked my dad a batch of date squares from my Grandmas recipe. They turned out nearly perfect, none will ever be as good as hers! I will share the photos and recipe soon.


I turned those ingredients into stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto. They turned out rich and satisfying. Recipes and photos to come soon.

Our day trip to Bellingham was great. I was in a lot of pain so we just took our time, Kevin is very understanding and slows accordingly on my bad days.


Our first stop was the mall. We got a few good deals, my favorite being my new drifit long sleeve shirt. After the mall we hit Trader Joes. We got so much good stuff!! We hit Costco and Fred Meyer before stopping at 5 Guys burgers for dinner! My fave part of 5 Guys was the freshly roasted peanuts! So neat! Yes I am easily amused, thank you for asking !


Have I ever told you about my Pyrex and Lululemon addictions?!?! No! Another time I will get into it! Though I will tell you I acquired a few new pieces of both this weekend.



Muffin is currently enjoying some tummy rubs from Dad but she would like you to know she’s had a busy week!!


She had helped keep an eye on dinner!


Checked out some award winning Canadian cheddar !


Hung out with Maple!


Helped Nightlight (her coworker dog) locate misplaced toys at work!


Cuddled with Mom!


And avoided Jasmine! Sometimes sunning yourself on the pool deck is best left to the big dogs!!

Well friends that is a brief catch up on the past four days. The only thing else I can tell you about is my gym adventures. Not going to lie my my gym adventures are pretty uninteresting but necessary. I split my gym time between warm up, weights, cardio, and stretching. I’m seriously missing running but don’t dare until I talk to my specialist. I am considering rejoining water running as its low impact. Thinking about this is making me sad.

Well my blog reading team, Kevin is trying to talk me into going to a movie. I’m gonna talk him out of it with my sneaky ways!

Goodnight all!

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