Snow Day!!!

Good morning blog world! So we woke up to a dusting of snow this morning in beautiful Langley BC!


Thankfully I’m warm and cozy on the couch at work and don’t have to travel on the roads. Such a light dusting of snow wouldn’t be a big deal if there wasn’t a layer of ice under it! Oh well the ice factor and the fact we BC folk panic at the mere mention of snow!

Anyways yesterday started out as a laid back Sunday morning. Kevin ventured out to watch Football at the pub with his friends while I got a few things done.


I picked up a few of the new reusable Starbucks cups over the weekend and decided to give ’em a try yesterday. Thankfully my Tassimo beverage maker has a removable cup shelf or else this baby wouldn’t have fit! The cup is a grande size, made of plastic and designed to look exactly like the Starbucks to go cups. Apparently they are good for 30 dishwasher cycles or indefinite hand washes. What I take away from that is the cup will last me until I drop it on the cement or I drop something heavy on it in the sink!!! I also don’t pretend this will be much different then the multiple reusable grocery bags I own, which I only remember to take into the grocery store one in five trips!!!! But alas I like the premise behind it and I will make an effort to take it with me on my visits to Starbucks!

Please tell me I’m not the only one in love with vanilla sugar?!?!


I have a large jar of this in my pantry at all times! So simple yet so tasty. Simply fill a jar with sugar and sit a vanilla bean open and scrape out the bean and add to the jar. Every time you use a vanilla bean for baking or ice cream making place the pod in the jar and shake frequently. The longer it sits the more vanilla infused the sugar becomes. I use the sugar in all sorts of stuff, chocolate chip cookies, tea, muffins, etc.

I decided to start a little Pinterest science project. Yesterday while I was doing some meal prep I remembered reading you can grow green onions in a glass of water from the cuttings of your previous green onions!


So I made sure to leave the onion bulbs intact and simply placed them in a small cup of water and put them on the window sill. I posted about it on Facebook and got a mix of reactions. Apparently it does work, which I figured it would seeing as how I have bamboo that lives in a glass of water in my kitchen, and has for five years! I got comments saying it was a cool way to save a few cents on your grocery bill, to comments saying the onions produced aren’t as flavourful as their ground grown counter parts. I’m more doing it for the simple curiosity factor and not to save the 33 to 99 cents a bunch of green onions runs me a week!


I shall keep you posted as to the progress of my little project! I enjoy watching things grow. I can’t wait for spring!! I am looking forward to getting some herbs and veggies planted but mostly trying to devise a plan to grow baby potatoes!

I wasn’t feeling all that adventurous in the kitchen last night so I whipped up a 2 egg + an extra white omelet with ham, cheese, and green onions. I had my omelet with some Trader Joes organic silver dollar pancakes and some grapes. Quick, easy, healthy, and delicious.


Since Costco has stopped selling my favorite honey Greek yogurt I’ve gone on a search to find a suitable replacement.


I tried this little delight as my evening snack at work last night. Oikos honey Greek yogurt proved to be very good albeit pricey. Four of these little 100 gram containers ran me almost five bucks. They are 100 calories a container with 8 grams of protein, which isn’t bad at all. There small size lends perfectly to small evening snack. I would buy them again, hopefully at a sale price!

I have been snacking on oranges all weekend which is stupid two fold for me! Number one I’m allergic to oranges!! They make me itchy and sometimes give me hives just like raspberries! Which for the record I don’t shy away from either! Secondly
oranges are packed with vitamin C, and autoimmune disease sufferers should avoid high doses of vitamin C.


I just can’t help myself!

Well I guess I should do something productive work wise for a while!! Stay warm people!

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