Am I A Bitch !?!?!?

No photos no fuss just a good old fashion rant!!!!

Now I know we all have our own list of gym pet peeves! The list is extensive, from people who don’t wipe down machines, Barbie on her cell phone, to that group of people who clearly have no olfactory system towards their own bodies. Today however I need to rant … Bitch about a different type of gym patron!! The loungers!!! You know the type!! The ones who are always on a piece if equipment but never actually using it! I fully understand we all have moments where we need a break or need to sit motionless for a second and dig down deep to find the urge to continue. I am fine with that! What I am not fine with is the group of ladies at my gym who seem to turn their workout into social hour!!!!

On Mondays and Wednesdays I hit the gym at the same time every week thanks to my work schedule. I have an hour of workout time and do my best to make the most if it. For the past two months I have consistently witnessed a group of ladies every Monday and Wednesday morning do nothing but take up valuable space and gab!!! This morning two of them had a 20 minute conversation while one of them sat on the hip abductor machine!! Seriously! I witnessed at least three other people who clearly wanted to use said machine but no one said a word!!! I am all for politeness but this is ridiculous!! There is no way these ladies don’t realize they are taking up valuable space.

Yes we all pay the same for memberships but when these people take up equipment and space while doing nothing they are costing me and others time and sacrificing our workout progression! This isn’t ok! The gym is not the place to go chat with friends!!
I get that every little bit helps and by doing anything you’re lapping everyone on the couch and blah blah blah but seriously bitches if you’re spending more time chatting at the gym or texting at the gym reevaluate your dedication but seriously do it at Starbucks because the next time I see someone taking up gym space to do nothing I’m making it my job to point it out!!!

2 thoughts on “Am I A Bitch !?!?!?

  1. Nope, you’re right. it is a shared space, and people should respect each other. It would be so easy for those women to have stepped over to the side of the room while having that conversation. Sometimes, if people are in my way like that, I just ask them if I can work in. That is usually enough of a hint for them to get out of my way!

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