Fabulous February

Hi friends! Sorry my updates have been so sporadic! I intended on updating last weekend but to be honest I did a whole lot of napping after a busy Thursday!

Thursday morning we were up bright and early to head into Chilliwack with my brother for his doctors appointment. He really needs to find a family doctor that isn’t a forty minute drive each way away but I digress! It was a gorgeous morning. No it wasn’t!! I lie! It was raining and cold with a side of miserable.


Even in the rain the BC mountains are majestic!



On our way home from his appointment we decided to make a pit stop at the yellow barn market.


It is sort of a step back in time when you walk through the doors. A mix of homemade bakery items, fruits, veggies, preserves, etc. I spent a long time looking at the pickles and jams but decided not to buy any. We have lots of pickles left from or summer canning and I have farm strawberries in the freezer dying to be turned into homemade jam.



Kevin and I purchased some homemade farmer sausage, pork for him and turkey for me! While pricy it is very tasty.

On the topic of pricy food products have I ever told you I am a water snob? Well I am! Whenever we are out and I forget my water bottle or finish my water I always finds self making a pit stop for more. I also find myself drawn to the Smart water which tends to be pricier then it’s generic counterparts but for some reason it just tastes better!


After our adventure we headed home and I didn’t have much time to kill before it was time to get my cowgirl on and head to the Eric Church concert! Yes folks I’m a country girl at heart! I was raised on a farm, in a farm house and had horses. I’m that fine line where country girl meets city living! In other words I have expensive taste in everything from groceries to hobbies! Grocery shopping at Whole foods then a day trail riding topped off with some wine sounds perfect to me!




Before the concert we headed to a local pub called Finnagans, near the venue for dinner and it was really good. I’d definitely go back. I ordered grilled chicken which came with veggies, mash potatoes, and a mushroom sauce. Very tasty, despite my eating less then half.


Luckily we had a never ending supply of napkins with dinner! Which if you’re anything like me is a good thing to have handy plus you never know when you might need some cleavage help right Katie!!!!


The concert was a full house, loud and awesome!



However while Thursday was a great day it left me seriously exhausted. I am still getting use to this whole business of my illness and how much it takes out of me.

The rest if the weekend was pretty low key. I hung out at home and did some grocery shopping. I had lunch on Sunday with Katie and bought some new garden owls. I have an addiction!!



I was even to exhausted to go to the Superbowl party with Kevin. This made me sad but alas I’m learning to listen to my body. I did however drown my woah is me I missed the party feelings with a cupcake!


This week at work has been pretty low key! I’m heading to the gym shortly for a repeat of Mondays awesome workout! I may also repeat Tuesdays Starbucks visit and midday cloudy Muff walk!!!





I am really hoping this weekend comes with a side of sunshine!!

For now I shall go and conquer my work out!

Later lovelies!


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