I Should Be Cleaning….

But I got side tracked by a crisp cool bottle of sweet red!!!


A little while ago after performing the worlds most futile cleaning task, cleaning the Tupperware cupboard! I got side tracked by a peanut butter cupcake. Holy yum!


Never fear my day hasn’t been all side tracks and indulgences! This morning I tidied the backyard, filled the bird feeders, took the empties back to the bottle depot, went to the mall with a friend, had a lunch date with the husband, and went to the farm to pick up organic free range eggs!





Lunch was especially yummy! We went to the Mongolie Grill for stir fry. I love going there as you get to choose your own mix of veggies,meats, and sauces. I usually load up on veggies, tofu, chick peas, banana peppers and spicy chicken! I always get more then I need because I love it as left overs.

At the mall I managed to find myself a pretty new bra and some hand soaps from bath and body works. Lately the candle from there have been triggering headaches for me so despite my love of them I didn’t buy any.

I was excited to see Mr. Rooster hanging out in the front yard to greet me! They really take free range to a new level at that farm.

My weekend has been busy but relaxing thus far. I started Thursday off with a few hours at the spa getting my nails filled, eyebrows waxed, and a pedicure!





It wasn’t all self indulgences! I actually did two workouts on Thursday. The first was a 2.5km walk with Kevin and Muffin around Campbell Valley Park and the second was an hour at the gym with Krista spilt between cardio,arm weights, and abs!






Friday wasn’t nearly as entertaining. I had to get poked, stuck, and pee in a cup!! I know, I know you are extremely jealous with the ever eventful Lupus lifestyle 😉


Is it odd that I felt victorious upon finding out they needed a urine sample because I slammed a bottle of water on the way to to appointment ?!?!? It is the simple things in life that amuse me friends :p

I am out of here for the night! Gonna wake up this little mutt….


For a walk!

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