A Man Of Many Skills..

No one ever said life was easy or fair! And no one ever tells you that every now and then you will get slapped in the face by something simple you have taken for granted!

My something simple has manifested itself in the form of juicing limes and lemons! Woah is me right?!?!?! But seriously, I can’t do it anymore! Okay maybe I shouldn’t be so dramatic and say I can’t. I can do it, just not well or without excessive pain. My wrist and hips are so far my most affected joints by far since my autoimmune issues have flared their ugly head and turned my life upside down.
I am stubborn, some may even say a bitch at times. It takes a lot for me to ask for help and a few nights ago while making a batch of guacamole I caved and asked Kevin to juice my lime. *Someone please tell me I’m not the only one that giggled at that last sentence!!!*. I do my best everyday to get things done and not let my being sick get me down. So while it may not seem like a big deal asking him for help, to me it is. It makes me feel weak and broken.

Now for the flip side of this story … The upside if you will! My husband is a man of many talents and apparently pulverizing citrus fruit is on his hidden list of oddly sexy skills. Maybe it is his strong manly hands, or maybe he is some sort of fruit crushing superhero! Either way he manages to get more juice out of one lime or lemon then I ever could out if three even at my peak of wrist helpfulness!!!



Seriously folks I’m impressed! He leaves nothing but a citrus shell, a former juice filled vessel destined for the compost bin!!!!

Look at that! Feast your eyes on almost half a cup of pulp laden lemon juice from one lemon!!!! ONE!!!! I got him to pre-juice my fruit for tonight’s dinner at work when he came to visit this afternoon.
Be still my beating heart!!! Back off ladies he is all mine 😉


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