Welcoming The Weekend

I’ve been longing for my weekend to start since first thing this morning!!! Thank goodness the day passed relatively quickly.

As soon as I got home from work I poured a glass of wine, lit the candles, and got ready for some me time!!!!


I couldn’t have made a better choice. My bath was just what I needed. So warm and relaxing. The water was very hot and the wine was cool and crisp! Perfect combination!

I am trying my best to realize when I need to just stop and take some time for myself. Tonight was one of those nights. I didn’t feel so great by the time I got off work tonight. I was kind of nauseous and really hot. Not really sure why I felt so off but thankfully it has mostly past.

As for the rest of the night I have a date with my Pj’s and the couch! maybe some cuddles with Kev and Muff! I look forward to sharing the details of my weekend adventures with you all!


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