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Time To Smell The Flowers…

Good afternoon friends! Is anyone else riding a wave of emotion? One minute full of hope and driven to get through this and the next minute full on panic?!? No? Just me? I know it’s not just me! We are all in this together and it’s ok to admit it’s hard.

Today I had my spirits lifted by a porch delivery of a huge bucket of citrus coloured flowers from Floral support.

Floral Support is a local wholesale flower company that specializes in all sorts of floral decor for weddings, parties, or just your weekly bouquet! Given the current pandemic situation the world is facing I think it’s fair to say every industry has seen massive slowdowns, shut downs and lay offs. The only silver lining to that is more people are safe at home through this! Or they should be! The flower industry is no different, with a multitude of canceled events and weddings there are greenhouses full of beautiful flowers that no longer have a destination. Even when the world shuts down the flowers keep growing. That’s where Rachel from Floral Support decided to step in and try to find these flowers a home!

Rachel recently started the Floral Aid Project on Instagram to help support local growers & farmers and to bring some color and beauty into our lives while we are all unable to leave our homes. Rachel is offering contact free drop offs and pick ups of these beautiful buckets of flowers for the wholesale price of $50. You get to pick between 3 color schemes, Spring, Citrus, or Jewel. To get your own bucket delivered simply contact Rachel on Instagram, the Floral Support website or email info@floralsupport.ca

If you’re looking for a way to bring some color into your home, wanting to help support our local businesses and farmers or simply need a distraction by way of arranging beautiful flowers definitely look into the Floral aid project!


I guess an update about my weekend was overlooked because of my extra day off! Oh well better late then never right?!?? So I have a few more hours at work and I’m done for the week. I have a few things on the Ol’ To do list, most importantly coffee with Patricia and Sandra’s Birthday party! I still haven’t decided what kind of cupcakes I’m going to make for the party but I guess I should figure it out soon!

I have a feeling this weekend will be much busier then last! Last weekend was pretty low key but relaxing. We got a few things done, had a lunch date and enjoyed a long walk and some time at the dog park with Muffin!




The dog park and pup friendly beach area/trails at Crescent beach are great! Muffin was definitely happy for some park time! Pretty sure she enjoyed it more then her trip to the groomer! but seriously look how cute she is!


The only down side to the weekend was my lingering headache and some hip pain. It took a lot for me to take a day off work but I know it was the right choice. I suppose I should make another doctors appointment soon but I don’t really have any interest. I see my Lupus specialist in the Spring and have an MRI coming up.

The upside of my weekend other then the previously mentioned was Emma’s 8th birthday! Time flies!


We had a great lunch at the Townhall pub thanks to a Gift Card they gave me! I had the grilled chicken pesto quesadilla and side salad. It was perfection. Granted I’ve never had bad food at the Townhall! Being free was also a nice touch!

After lunch we ventured to the mall so I could get my new phone. I had my heart set on a new white iPhone and Telus provided! I am very impressed with the level of customer service I was provided.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words so here are a few from my weekend!










I hope everyone has enjoyed my recent recipe posts! There will for sure be many more to come! As for me I think Muff and I are going to go for a walk to Starbucks to pass some time and get some fresh air!!

Does anyone have any recipe idea or requests?!?!

Welcoming The Weekend

I’ve been longing for my weekend to start since first thing this morning!!! Thank goodness the day passed relatively quickly.

As soon as I got home from work I poured a glass of wine, lit the candles, and got ready for some me time!!!!


I couldn’t have made a better choice. My bath was just what I needed. So warm and relaxing. The water was very hot and the wine was cool and crisp! Perfect combination!

I am trying my best to realize when I need to just stop and take some time for myself. Tonight was one of those nights. I didn’t feel so great by the time I got off work tonight. I was kind of nauseous and really hot. Not really sure why I felt so off but thankfully it has mostly past.

As for the rest of the night I have a date with my Pj’s and the couch! maybe some cuddles with Kev and Muff! I look forward to sharing the details of my weekend adventures with you all!