Feels More Like October

Good morning blog friends, real life friends….and yes you too!

So it’s my first day off and I let myself sleep in until I woke up naturally! Woot 9:15 am….I really thought I would have slept longer! Oh well, I was up and decided to make myself breakfast. I remembered I had a box of Trader Joes pumpkin pancake/waffle mix in the pantry and figured why not. It feels enough like mid fall around these parts may as well enjoy the flavours.




I sprinkled a little coconut on top and a touch of maple syrup. They were wonderful! I really wish Trader Joes stocked their pumpkin line all year because I have a serious craving for their pumpkin Greek yogurt.

Well I don’t have much else to post about as honestly I haven’t hot that far into my day. However the birds outside my window are doing a fine job informing me that it is time to fill the feeders!

Hope everyone enjoys their Thursday!


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