Make Sure You Aren’t Asleep At The Wheel

Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel. Don’t let anyone make up your mind for you. Don’t let anyone put your back against a wall. Don’t live your life in a fog or a daze, tear down the walls and find yourself! Ask yourself if the wars you rage are worth it? Where will you wind up if you win? Will you be happy?

Live your life for you but tread carefully as to do as little harm to others as possible. Live with purpose, do your best to understand circumstance. Don’t try to further yourself by doing harm to others but understand in life you will hurt people and you will be hurt. It is all part of the process.

We all have our secrets, we all have our dreams. We all have those memories that will never go away. You know the ones… The sweetness of that first kiss, the sting of the moment of failure. We all live with the would of, could of, should of feelings. Instead of letting these things overwhelm you, try to let the goodness of life, of your choices, of who you are, and your successes overjoy you.

Know that your wings may be broken but there is more then one way to fly. Start crawling, walking and soon enough you will be ready. Ready to run, ready fly. Don’t believe you have to be who you are in this moment. Be who you want to be. Live the life of your dreams and sooner or later you will realize you never stop aspiring to be better. Live with dignity and learn from your indignities.

No road in this life is straight. Enjoy the curves, the bends and every now and then use the U-turn routes. Never drive in circles because it won’t get you anywhere except frustrated and out of gas!!!

If you only do one thing, be better then you use to be!

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