Thankful Thursday ~ October 31

Happy Halloween Friends!! Hope everyone had a great night enjoying the spookiest of holidays!

My Thankful Thursday post will be quick and simple tonight as I’m exhausted!

I am thankful for my family. I spent tonight at my parents house handing out candy to all the little ghouls and goblins and enjoyed dinner with my parents. Don’t get me wrong we have our ups and downs like any family but things are usually pretty good.

My brother and I spend a lot of time together these days and it has reminded me blood is thicker then water!

Last weekend Kev and I ventured over to Nanaimo to visit with his family. I thoroughly enjoy being a McGavin. They are thoughtful and loving without being over bearing! And I happen to think I have the best mother and father in law a girl could ask for!

Since I haven’t been working my furry family has stuck close to my side. Tonight Muffin and Jasmine chilled on the couch right beside me and followed me to greet every trick or treater!!

I am a lucky girl.






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