Thankful Thursday ~ Oct 24

So despite the fact that last night and today have been “bad” days in terms of my pain level, I still took time to reflect on what I’m thankful for.

I am Thankful that I live in an area that is surround with so much natural beauty! We have the ocean, mountains, vast farm land, lakes, and a gorgeous city all within driving distance of our door.

Today despite the pain we went to Campbell valley park to stretch our legs. Muffin was getting restless and I definitely had a major mood outburst earlier in the day so it was evident fresh air was needed!

I love Campbell valley park. I wrote a blog post earlier in the year about the proposed changes a racing group were trying to implement in the park. You can read that post Here

I am insanely thankful that proposal was shot down and the park remains as a gorgeous, tranquil, peaceful haven. As I’ve said before this park is one of my favorite places.




I always feel calmer and happier after a walk, run, or ride through this amazing park! Today was no different, I loved it!

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