Thankful Thursday ~ November 28

I spent yesterday cooking up a turkey feast for my family. We decided to celebrate American Thanksgiving and by the time everyone left I was exhausted! Content but exhausted. I planted myself on the couch, sipped a vodka and cranberry in a fancy glass and promptly fell asleep!

As many of you know our family has been dealt a rather tough hand in the autoimmune department. My brother has a swiftly progressive form of Multiple sclerosis and I have my ever annoying bout of Lupus. We take life one day at a time and do what we can when we can! I for one am a firm believer that its not the hand life deals you that matters it’s how you play it!

Yesterday when the mail arrived my brother handed me a card. I ripped it open and upon reading it my eyes instantly filled with tears. Back in the spring a large group of us formed a team for our local MS walk. We did amazing in the fundraising department thanks to all our generous friends, family, coworkers and even strangers. I was shocked how much we raised as a team! The card I received yesterday was a thank you card. It was from a local girl who received a new wheelchair from the MS society thanks in large part to our fundraising efforts.

Of course I knew our donations and efforts were for a great cause but receiving that card really drove it home for me.

This thankful Thursday found me being acutely aware of how much something I did made someone else so thankful. I am not really sure how to verbalize my feelings on this. I am thankful our efforts made such a difference in someone’s life. I am thankful I was able to do something like that for someone else. I am thankful for all those who donated and fundraised. I am thankful that despite these auto immune issues that change my brother and I’s daily lives we still bonded together to try to help others.

I look around my house, my life and realize I am extremely blessed. There is very little I do without. I am spoiled. I have more then I need. I know this, I acknowledge it and I am thankful for what I have. My life is full of little things that bring me comfort and make me happy. Things many people can’t afford. My home is warm and cozy, my clothes are warm and cozy. My heart is full of love for and from those around me. I am thankful that I am blessed enough to be able to help others.


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