David’s Tea 24 Days Of Tea! The First 10!

Hi friends! So as I mentioned a while back I was lucky enough to get my hands a highly sought after David’s tea 24 days of tea advent calendar back in November!

I have been enjoying my morning ritual all month of searching the house to see what sort of trouble Elfonzo is up to and then cracking open the little cardboard window to see what kind of tea treat awaits me! Later on in the day, usually after lunch I break into my Lindt advent to have a tasty chocolate!




The first 10 days of tea have been 80% delightful!

Day 1) White Chocolate Frost

20131210-175722.jpg A sweet slightly minty tea that definitely tastes like white chocolate! Loved it!

Day 2) Alpine punch

One of my favorite teas! I had tried this before and in fact own a large can of it! It reminds me of almond marzipan. It’s delightful cold as well!

Day 3) Blueberry Jam

20131210-180606.jpgI didn’t even have to taste it! It was love at first smell! Once I tasted it I knew it would become a staple. Such a perfect blueberry taste and slight sweetness!

Day 4) Forever Nuts

20131210-180812.jpg This delight was my first introduction to David’s tea thanks to my Candy swap partner earlier this year! It’s still one of my favorites. It’s sweet and has a nutty apple flavor! So good!

Day 5) Stormy night

20131210-181016.jpg Sadly not a fan of this tea. It wasn’t horrible but I couldn’t get into the chocolate cinnamon flavors. My sister in law loved it though so to each their own.

Day 6) Genmachia

20131210-182528.jpg Elfonzo took it upon himself to bust into my tea calendar! This is an interesting twist on normal green tea. It is slightly sweeter and more flavorful.

Day 7) Strawberry rhubarb parfait

20131210-181804.jpg I will be drinking a lot of this iced. A perfect combination of sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb with a touch of creaminess.

Day 8) Mango Madness

20131210-181946.jpg Another spectacular fruit tea. Also works well iced. The fruity citrus flavor was slightly pineapple infused. So good!

Day 9) Silk Dragon Jasmine

20131210-184340.jpg Not a fan, at all! The taste, the smell… Not my cup of tea! It isn’t David’s fault! It’s jasmines fault šŸ˜‰ I cannot stand the taste or smell of that little flower. It was bound to happen, you can’t win them all.

Finally that brings us to today! Day 10) Coffee cake!

20131210-185020.jpg The name says it all. It tastes just like a sweet slice of coffee cake. I made myself a tea latte with almond nog and it was perfection.

I’m thoroughly enjoying trying all these new teas. Such a great way to discover new flavors without staring wide eyed and lost at the huge wall of tea in David’s!


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