#Mysterybrand via Influenster

Today was a good mail day! I came home to find my most recent Voxbox from Influenster had been delivered! In case you are unfamiliar with Influenster or Voxboxes check out their website Here to learn more!

Influenster sends out products to bloggers, tweeters, face bookers, etc for free in exchange for review of these products.

The most recent Voxbox I’ve been asked to participate in is the #mysterybrand from L’oreal! It contains three secret hair care samples. A shampoo, a conditioner and a split end serum. The fun part is as of right now I have no clue which line of hair care these samples belong to. What I can tell you is they smell fantastic!

I will be giving them a try over the next few days before receiving full size bottles of each sample and learning which line of hair care they belong to!

Hopefully they work as good as they smell!! I’ll keep you all posted!


One thought on “#Mysterybrand via Influenster

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