We Choose Huggies! 

I was recently given the opportunity to review Huggies little movers diapers. Influenster sent Jacob a complentary package of little movers diapers for testing and review purposes. It’s safe to say they are now our go to diapers! 

 When Jacob was born we tried Huggies but found they didn’t work well for him as he constantly wet through the sides! As the months passed and Jacob’s little body shape changed the brand of diapers we were using no longer kept him dry!  We were happy to give Huggies another try and quickly learned the Little movers line was exactly what we were looking for!! 

I’m happy with these diapers as they lock away wetness and keep Jacob dry during his constant crawling & furnature walking adventures!  They also work well at night. 

I also appreciate the fact these diapers are unscented and are very gentle on my little ones delicate skin! Jacob never gets redness or diaper rash with Huggies little movers! To me that is a huge factor when making my diaper choice! I also like the fact I can buy these diapers in a huge box at Costco and save a bit of money. 

I highly recommend giving these diapers a try if you have a little mover on your hands!!  Thanks Influenster for giving us that chance to share our opinion on Huggies little movers! 

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