All Was Calm… All Was Bright

Good morning friends! Happy Boxing Day 2019! How did we all fare yesterday? Tired? Me too! I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone! This year has disappeared in the blink of an eye. They always told me time would go faster as I aged but they never mentioned warp speed!

So my last post was gut wrenchingly real. That’s what I aim to share here for the next year. I’m not one to sugar coat struggles and as a Mom, wife, nurse, daughter I relate best to people who don’t sugarcoat shit! I hope you’ll follow along with me as I share my life, day to day triumphs and struggles! I bought myself (and you readers) a little Christmas gift in the form of a year paid hosting to get rid of those pesky ads!! I dunno call me crazy but a toe nail fungus medication ad smack dab in the middle of my last post just didn’t work for me! So if you noticed a domain name change that’s why! Don’t worry I’ll still share recipes too!

So on to the good stuff! So at some point in the last week someone said to me “nothing has to be perfect” and I held onto to that as my mantra as I prepped the final Christmas plans! I love hosting and this year was no different! We had 17 for Christmas dinner and a much smaller Christmas Eve appy hour get together. This year I did things differently! I bought everything pre made. Veggie plate, fruit plate, meat and cheese and instead of painstaking arranging them on platters in an Instagram worthy way I just put them out on the table and relaxed with my family instead! Guess what!! No one died because their food wasn’t served on a beautiful Christmas platter! I really gave myself the gift to just let go of my own self imposed expectations and I’m glad I did! Let go of self imposed expectations that only serve to steal your own joy and peacefulness!

Christmas morning was probably one of the most peaceful, relaxing days I’ve had in months because I thought ahead and realized it’s the preparation of stuffing and cranberry sauce to get the turkey going that really stresses me out! Not because it’s hard but because on Christmas morning I’d much rather be spending time with my family! I’d much rather be playing with Jacob and his new toys! So this year that’s what I did! Of course on Christmas Eve morning I spent a couple hours in the kitchen preparing the stuffing and cranberries in advance but it was well worth it! I was already in the kitchen anyways! Last minute baking!

Jacob was so excited with his new toys and new bike!

We spent the morning as a family together and it was perfect. We had fresh baked cinnamon buns with coffee and later we had brunch! My heart was happy!

I also took the day off of social media and my phone! I didn’t document the day with 100 photos! Instead I played LEGO with Jacob and took him on a bike ride! I aimed to be as present as possible. It was nice. I know that my need for things to be “Perfect” is my own issue and I’m definitely going to spend some time reminding myself and teaching myself that things don’t have to be Hallmark movie perfect for Jacob to enjoy them. I know he’s a kid and probably didn’t even notice most of the little details that I stressed over, and that’s ok!!!

So because it’s Thursday I’m going to close with my Thankful Thursday thoughts.

I’m thankful for my husband who loves me unconditionally. He loves me when I’m at my best and at my worst. He even loves me when I get the urge to dye my hair really red on Christmas Eve and my sister in law grants my wishes! See evidence below! He loves me for me and sometimes I think that must be tough.

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