I’ve Had My Run….Baby I’m Done…I’m Glad I Came Home

Hi there! I am Erica… a 30 year old home care nurse from Cloverdale BC Canada. Cloverdale is a little suburb about 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver! I share my life with my husband Kevin and our dog Muffin, along with a number of family members and friends! I’ve been blogging off and on over at Livejournal for many years, I have often considered trying the more intense blogging thing and I guess there is no time better than the present!

I originally started this blog back in the early summer of 2011 around the same time my life took an 18 month turn down a road that taught me many things about myself, love, life, marriage, friendship, who to trust, and what’s important.

So I guess this is my new blog beginning. I want to use this as my day to day canvas to document my struggles and triumphs of trying to lead a full, healthy, happy life. Feel free to tag along for the ride, offer feedback, constructive criticism, ideas and anything else you see fit.

Hope you stick around!

Erica M.

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