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Looking For Something That’s Right Here….

The weather this weekend has been a mood. Literally overnight we went from sweltering sunny days to damp cool moody days. I feel it in my soul. A direct reflection of how many of us are feeling? Or maybe just how I’m feeling.

Moody. Lost in the grey. Vacant. Dark.

Thankful Thursday Week 13/52

It’s been a long week for all of us! I don’t have much to say today but I will share one of the things im thankful for today. I’m thankful for all the logistics staff, farmers, truck drivers, grocery store staff etc working through this terrifying time to maintain our food supply.

Without these integral workers things would be much harder than they already are! So thank you to you and everyone on the front lines. ❤️

Time To Smell The Flowers…

Good afternoon friends! Is anyone else riding a wave of emotion? One minute full of hope and driven to get through this and the next minute full on panic?!? No? Just me? I know it’s not just me! We are all in this together and it’s ok to admit it’s hard.

Today I had my spirits lifted by a porch delivery of a huge bucket of citrus coloured flowers from Floral support.

Floral Support is a local wholesale flower company that specializes in all sorts of floral decor for weddings, parties, or just your weekly bouquet! Given the current pandemic situation the world is facing I think it’s fair to say every industry has seen massive slowdowns, shut downs and lay offs. The only silver lining to that is more people are safe at home through this! Or they should be! The flower industry is no different, with a multitude of canceled events and weddings there are greenhouses full of beautiful flowers that no longer have a destination. Even when the world shuts down the flowers keep growing. That’s where Rachel from Floral Support decided to step in and try to find these flowers a home!

Rachel recently started the Floral Aid Project on Instagram to help support local growers & farmers and to bring some color and beauty into our lives while we are all unable to leave our homes. Rachel is offering contact free drop offs and pick ups of these beautiful buckets of flowers for the wholesale price of $50. You get to pick between 3 color schemes, Spring, Citrus, or Jewel. To get your own bucket delivered simply contact Rachel on Instagram, the Floral Support website or email info@floralsupport.ca

If you’re looking for a way to bring some color into your home, wanting to help support our local businesses and farmers or simply need a distraction by way of arranging beautiful flowers definitely look into the Floral aid project!

Thankful Thursday Week 12/52

What a week! Are you guys okay out there? This week has been one of the longest weeks of any of our lives. The emotional roller coaster, the information overload, the fear, the unknown.

I don’t have a lot of advice to offer except love each other hard and do your best to help keep other safe.

Take time to breathe. Step away from social media. Find safe ways to distract from the situation at hand. Bake a cake, try a new recipe, read a book, dance! Anything that will make you smile!

This week I’m thankful for lots! I’m thankful for everyone who is taking this seriously. I’m thankful my family is currently healthy. I’m thankful I can bury my face in my husbands beard and in Jacob’s little neck and breathe in their smells and feel love.

I’m thankful for cheerful flowers and that Mother Nature has blessed us with a week of sunshine so we can at least play in the backyard to break up the day! I’m thankful for cupcakes and coffee. I’m thankful for phone calls with friends and daily text check in’s.

I’m thankful I can find something to be thankful for!

We are all in this together.



I was recently lucky enough to have the opportunity to receive a Runlovebox to review and share my thoughts!   I heard about this new company through Seawheeze and was more than excited to see this box show up on my door this past Saturday!

 Runlovebox is a monthly subscription box company based out of Vancouver BC!  They are a new company that is already doing great things! Runlovebox is the brain child of Alyssa, a busy triathlete who is also a Family medicine resident!  I love ambitious women and I think starting a business while a full time Resident counts as seriously ambitious!!  Alyssa knows how hard it can be for busy runners to get their hands on new products and knows we don’t always want to commit to a full size version of something prior to trying it. With this knowledge her vision was born! 

Each month for $15 Runlovebox subscribers will receive a box full of running goodies! My favourite part of this subscription box is each month is based around a theme! Septembers theme was “The Early Bird”, a collection of things to help runners start their day off right!  More on that in a minute!  I also really enjoy the fact that Runlovebox takes the time to list the company information of each goodie to save subscribers the time of sourcing out company info. All the info is listed right there on the included card!  It’s nice to know where the products come from and how to get our hands on more of the things we love!

Okay on to the goods!!  

 I love local products, so I was excited to find Orgins coffee in this months box!! Based out of Vancouver, freshly roasted organic artisan coffee! Delicious!   My faveorite sample this month was the Go Macro Chashew butter bars! Oh my gosh, so yummy! I found these were great to grab in the morning when I was wrangling Jacob to get his day started!  You really can’t go wrong with these bars as they are vegan, non-gmo and delicious!   This months Runlovebox also included Burt’s Bees lip balm! This is a welcome addition at this time of year as my lips start to suffer in the crisp air and running outside makes them worse!  I love the addition of peppermint in this balm! I’d recommend this balm to anyone who suffers with dry lips.  A genius product addition I found in this months box was the paper shower! A large wipe to freshen up after a run and a dry towel wipe to dry off.  This is such a great idea to keep in your gym bag or purse for after a run or a workout! I love running at the park and often feel gross afterwards and avoid even quick stops before going home. With this product I can wipe sweat away and not feel so gross prior to getting a shower!  Also included were Nuun hydration tablets. Electrolyte drink tabs without added carbs! At 8 calories each they are much easier on the diet than other sports drinks.  Plus they taste great! It’s safe to say I am seriously impressed with Alyssa and Runlovebox! The fact it is a local company is the frosting on the cake!! I think $15 a month is a great price for the opportunity to try out products and sample goodies! 

If you’re a runner or even a walker check out Runlovebox. A monthly subscription would make a great gift for the runner in your life. There is no minimum on the number of months you must sign up for so ordering one month or a number of months as a gift is easy. 

Check out this great subscription box! You won’t be disappointed!


Color Me Rad Vancouver 2013

Life isn’t about what you can’t do it’s about what you can but you can’t do anything unless you try!

Today despite my health issues I conquered another 5km race! My over all time was 42 minutes and 5 seconds which is slower then past times but I’m still proud for crossing that finish line.

I’m sure most of you have heard about races like Color Me Rad, where participants get bombarded with a multitude of colors over the duration of the course! Well let me be the girl to tell you it’s everything your rainbow dreams are made of and them some!!!




Look at all those clean white shirts!!! Don’t worry that doesn’t last long!!




Along with the color bombs comes a whole whack of fun! If you’re looking for a timed serious race then this my uptight reader is not your cup of tea! If you’re looking for a no pressure, fun filled party course look no further! The course is 5 km and has four different color stations. I can tell you a few things from experience!!!

1) Wear the sunglasses that come in your race packet! If you have sensitive eyes or contacts I’d consider safety goggles!

2) Don’t wear anything you aren’t willing to destroy! Including shoes! I don’t even need to explain why! I took a change of clothes and an old fitted bed sheet to protect my car seat.

3) If you want lots of color experience stay on the edges of the pack as you run through the color zones. Color bombers line the sides and the closer you are to a bomber the more color you wear!

4) Roll with the punches! There are lots of people walking, running, chasing each other, and partying on the course. Things didn’t seem to stick to time guidelines and if you want to know your time track yourself. There will be areas that you have to walk in as the color zones get congested! It’s a party not hardcore “real” race!

5) Keep your mouth shut! No seriously that color may only be corn starch but it doesn’t taste too great!! If you have breathing issues, sensitive lungs, or concerns, consider wearing a bandana over your face or a painters mask. You won’t look crazy I saw many!

6) Don’t be afraid to look crazy! For a while I ran behind a 2 legged zebra! Dress up and you will fit right in! Tutu’s are a popular choice but I saw everything from clown costumes to zebras… For serious!

7) Run with friends! This isn’t a run you’re gonna wanna tackle alone! It’s way more fun to chuck handfuls of color on your friends then on your self!

8) Don’t bring your expensive camera!! As tempting as it is because there are some awesome photo opportunities that color powder travels and finds its way into every crack and crevice.

9) Bring your phone because you will want photos and its really easy to lose running buddy’s in the crowd. BUT… Put your phone in a ziplock bag to keep it safe!

10) Just have fun! These runs are more for the experience then the actual run factor.






I had on three layers of shirts and somehow my boobs still ended up a very Easter festive shade of pink!! I took a 25 minute shower, I exfoliated like a bad ass… Boobs still pink!! It’s a risk you run my friends!

Today was awesome and I’m thankful my body allowed me to take part in such a fun event with awesome friends!

Is It Wednesday Yet?

Terrific Tuesday? Terrible Tuesday? I guess time will tell!! Well friends I’ve had a busy week! Last Wednesday I left work early to venture into Vancouver to the Lupus clinic. I met with my new specialist and I have to admit I really like her. My appointment was two hours long and incredibly through. I am on new pain meds, have to go for a mile long list blood work and tests on my kidneys, gallbladder, etc. I don’t have to go back for three months unless something major arises or changes. I do however have to decide if I am going to let them do localized injections into my hips and wrists. So much to think about.

The drive into Vancouver was quiet as I think we both had a lot on our minds. The weather on Wednesday was a direct reflection of how I was feeling!

After the appointment Kevin took me grocery shopping at Whole foods to cheer me up!




We bought some yummy things but my favourite by far was a loaf of cranberry pistachio bread made my Terra breads in Vancouver. It was amazing! We also bought organic maple sausages, vegan chocolate mousse, turkey cranberry apple dinner sausages, pineapple mango salsa, etc. Have I mentioned I love Whole goods and grocery shopping!!




After grocery shopping we went to Metrotown mall and wandered around Lush, Lululemon, and the Nike store. What can I say the man knows how to cheer me up and take my mind off things!! I ended up picking out a couple of bath bombs and a new Nike tshirt for the gym.


Thursday I attempted to sleep in on the advice of my specialist. My body had other plans and I was up at 8 am!! I made a big French toast breakfast and then we headed out for the day. We took Muffin for a walk around the duck pond, went to some thrift stores and got mini cupcakes before coming home and making yummy tasting plates of pickled veggies, crackers, meat and cheese. Yummy!!!!








Afterwards I headed to the gym with my Katie and Krista for an awesome work out and some girl talk! There may or may not have been Starbucks afterwards!

Friday we spent the day in Vancouver once again. This time on the UBC campus while by brother was at the MS hospital. To pass the day Kevin and I had lunch at a pub on campus, wandered around, found Menchies for some froyo then went for a walk on the beach at Pacific Spirit Park. BC really is a beautiful province and an great place to live. We have access to the Ocean, Rivers, mountains, country and city living.













After we came home I had the epic kitchen fail as you may have read about last week! Though I did have a great run that night so they was a plus. The rest of the weekend I tried to keep it low key because I came down with a cold. The germs finally got me! Yuck. Thankfully it didn’t get too bad thanks to my daily combination of honeyand cinnamon and my water with apple cider vinegar. I have to say I was skeptical at first but I’ve never fought off a cold so quickly not easily! The cinnamon honey mix doesn’t look glamorous but it doesn’t taste bad. The apple cider vinegar is another story!


We ventured out Saturday afternoon to the pub and had lunch with some friends. I couldn’t help but giggle at Patricia when Colin ordered her a shot. She took it like a champ!


There was no drinks for me as I’m still getting use to my new pain meds. However there was a cookie!


After our adventurous couple hours out I came home, put my pj’s back on and cuddled on the couch with the pups and my man.


Yesterday morning I woke up feeling considerably better and headed off to the gym for an hour long workout before returning to work. I have Muffin with me at work this week so I’m pretty content. I keep hoping we get a break in the icky weather so we can ho out for a walk. Until then… Cuddles!


And a snack!


I’ve Had My Run….Baby I’m Done…I’m Glad I Came Home

Hi there! I am Erica… a 30 year old home care nurse from Cloverdale BC Canada. Cloverdale is a little suburb about 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver! I share my life with my husband Kevin and our dog Muffin, along with a number of family members and friends! I’ve been blogging off and on over at Livejournal for many years, I have often considered trying the more intense blogging thing and I guess there is no time better than the present!

I originally started this blog back in the early summer of 2011 around the same time my life took an 18 month turn down a road that taught me many things about myself, love, life, marriage, friendship, who to trust, and what’s important.

So I guess this is my new blog beginning. I want to use this as my day to day canvas to document my struggles and triumphs of trying to lead a full, healthy, happy life. Feel free to tag along for the ride, offer feedback, constructive criticism, ideas and anything else you see fit.

Hope you stick around!

Erica M.