Color Me Rad Vancouver 2013

Life isn’t about what you can’t do it’s about what you can but you can’t do anything unless you try!

Today despite my health issues I conquered another 5km race! My over all time was 42 minutes and 5 seconds which is slower then past times but I’m still proud for crossing that finish line.

I’m sure most of you have heard about races like Color Me Rad, where participants get bombarded with a multitude of colors over the duration of the course! Well let me be the girl to tell you it’s everything your rainbow dreams are made of and them some!!!




Look at all those clean white shirts!!! Don’t worry that doesn’t last long!!




Along with the color bombs comes a whole whack of fun! If you’re looking for a timed serious race then this my uptight reader is not your cup of tea! If you’re looking for a no pressure, fun filled party course look no further! The course is 5 km and has four different color stations. I can tell you a few things from experience!!!

1) Wear the sunglasses that come in your race packet! If you have sensitive eyes or contacts I’d consider safety goggles!

2) Don’t wear anything you aren’t willing to destroy! Including shoes! I don’t even need to explain why! I took a change of clothes and an old fitted bed sheet to protect my car seat.

3) If you want lots of color experience stay on the edges of the pack as you run through the color zones. Color bombers line the sides and the closer you are to a bomber the more color you wear!

4) Roll with the punches! There are lots of people walking, running, chasing each other, and partying on the course. Things didn’t seem to stick to time guidelines and if you want to know your time track yourself. There will be areas that you have to walk in as the color zones get congested! It’s a party not hardcore “real” race!

5) Keep your mouth shut! No seriously that color may only be corn starch but it doesn’t taste too great!! If you have breathing issues, sensitive lungs, or concerns, consider wearing a bandana over your face or a painters mask. You won’t look crazy I saw many!

6) Don’t be afraid to look crazy! For a while I ran behind a 2 legged zebra! Dress up and you will fit right in! Tutu’s are a popular choice but I saw everything from clown costumes to zebras… For serious!

7) Run with friends! This isn’t a run you’re gonna wanna tackle alone! It’s way more fun to chuck handfuls of color on your friends then on your self!

8) Don’t bring your expensive camera!! As tempting as it is because there are some awesome photo opportunities that color powder travels and finds its way into every crack and crevice.

9) Bring your phone because you will want photos and its really easy to lose running buddy’s in the crowd. BUT… Put your phone in a ziplock bag to keep it safe!

10) Just have fun! These runs are more for the experience then the actual run factor.






I had on three layers of shirts and somehow my boobs still ended up a very Easter festive shade of pink!! I took a 25 minute shower, I exfoliated like a bad ass… Boobs still pink!! It’s a risk you run my friends!

Today was awesome and I’m thankful my body allowed me to take part in such a fun event with awesome friends!

3 thoughts on “Color Me Rad Vancouver 2013

  1. So glad we did this together! My feet are a tad purple and blue from the colour. Haha otherwise, it all came off pretty good.

    Tip : don’t wear jewellery lol

    • Me too!!! So fun!!! I’m curious to see if it triggers a break out in the next few days!! I have sensitive skin 😉

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