Fort Langley Cranberry Festival

Every year Fort Langley plays host to the annual Cranberry Festival. Yesterday was that time of year again and Kevin and I decided to check it out with some family and friends.

I’ve been to and volunteered at this event many times over the years. It gets a little bigger every year. This year I notice the local cranberry theme was weak and the whole event had a very farmers market feel about it. None the less I enjoyed my day with family and friends.

Fort Langley is a beautiful little village that lays along side the Fraser river with a rich history that affects not only British Columbia but the whole country of Canada! Fort Langley is the location where, a century and a half ago, Hudson’s Bay Company established it’s fur trading post! The post grew to trade with the First Nations of the West Coast. The trading post grew, evolved, and influenced history in many ways, eventually leading to the creation of the colony of British Columbia. A little history lesson for you! You can visit the Fort itself and learn all about our country’s rich heritage, Or you can spend the day browsing the many unique shops the Village has to offer! The area boosts a number of amazing wineries, restaurants, and parks. The Fort to Fort trail is a gorgeous walk!

Back to the Cranberry festival! We saw many interesting offerings from local artists, bakers, crafters, florists, etc.






Emma tried her hand at Sugaring off.. A Canadian tradition of pouring hot maple syrup on fresh snow and rolling it on a stick to form a yummy treat!



We decided to take on the issue of lunch by visiting some of the food trucks and sharing a bucket of donuts. We aren’t proud of it, but it happened 😉






Other then the food we saw some giant pumpkins, a giant beaver and just enjoyed browsing and our afternoon together. We walked away with a few purchases and some fun memories! If you’re ever in the area I highly suggested checking out Fort Langley as it is a beautiful little village!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and enjoys their time with family and friends.






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