Thankful Thursday ~ October 17

Good evening folks!

Wow this week has been an experience! I didn’t realize how much getting laid off would affect me. I don’t me negatively, I simply mean all the thinking and contemplating it has brought about for me. As most if my friends and family know I am very stubborn and I like having control. Sometimes in life you learn the most when you can’t have control of a situation!

This week I am thankful for many things. Some of the things I am thankful for are silly things! Psssttt I’m thankful for the chocolate chip banana muffins from whole-foods!! I’m thankful for being able to shop at Whole-foods! I know right, so petty but honestly sometimes it’s little silly things in life that cause us to reflect the most.

In all honesty this week I am thankful for my husband. Kevin has been extremely supportive and understanding through this journey to the end of my nursing job.

I can’t even verbalize how much easier he has made this time in my life. He had consistently reminded me that things will be fine. He has kept me entertained and has checked up on me when he couldn’t be near me. He has been free with the hugs and has kept me laughing.

I adore my husband and am extremely thankful for the support I find in him.


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