Thankful Thursday ~ October 10th

Hi friends 🙂

While doing the dishes this afternoon I started thinking about the Thankful Thursday post I knew I’d be writing later, all sorts of things ran through my Mind. I thought happily for sometime about all the things I could write about. In fact this past week I found myself being more vocal about what I’m thankful for! Clearly the impact of these blog posts are substantial for me and good for my well-being, and for that I’m thankful.

I could tell you how thankful I am for my fun evening of dinner and shopping with my best friend. Or how thankful I am that Kevin is so supportive. But while I’m very thankful for both these things I am not going to go into detail about them. Instead I’m going to tell you how thankful I am for my body!

That’s right… My body! My thighs touch and my ass is not as firm as I would like! My stomach is not nearly as flat as I wish it was, and my hips hurt me daily!!! I can’t count my abs and sometimes I wish it looked completely different…


My body is mine and today I realized how thankful I am for all the things I can do with it and how many experiences I am capable of having because of it! While it is far from perfect it is mine, and much like many ladies I don’t appreciate it enough! I will never look like the girls in the magazines and there will never be a gap between my thighs, and that’s just fine!

My body is strong enough to let me enjoy the things I love! It lets me chase my niece and walk my dog. It lets me go to the gym most days. It lets me experience adventure and gaze upon all the things that bring me wonder and joy.

This past summer my legs carried me to the top of a mountain and my eyes let me take in the most stunning views of a gorgeous lake and an amazing forest. My nose let me smell the smokey campfire I cuddled around with my husband and my little bitty love of a dog! My taste buds let me experience melted chocolate and roasted marshmallow on a crisp cookie.

Everyday my arms let me hug those I love. My hands let me touch the things i hold dear. My blue eyes sparkle when I watch the birds and see my Muffin playing happily. My long hair falls softly around my face and comforts me. My legs are insanely strong, long, and beautiful. My hands are small but productive. My feet are perhaps my favorite body part.

Last Saturday my body carried me through 5km of fun. I laughed, I smiled, I winced in pain but I experienced every inch of that race and every breath because of the body I am blessed with. Sometimes my body surprises me. Sometimes I am shocked at my own strength or how pretty certain parts of me are.

I’ve seen the lights of Vegas, I’ve dipped my toes in both oceans in this gorgeous country because of my body. I’ve held the hand of a dying man and brought a little comfort to his final hours. I’ve stolen kisses with these lips that I will never forget or regret. Ive dug my toes into the sand and I’ve ran my hands over my favorite spot on a man I loved with every fiber of my being. I’m certain I’ve felt my heart break in two then slowly heal itself with time and experiences. I’ve wiped away tears, mine and those of others.

My hands have saved lives and my eyes have watched as my words and actions have broken hearts.

I am who I am and my life is mine to experience and this body is my vessel to live this life in. I am thankful for all the things it can do and while it works I’m going to keep using it as much as I can.


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