He Made Me Cry

I cannot believe my tiny baby boy is almost walking. I can’t believe how fast he’s learning, growing, and evolving into a little boy. Though he’s 9 months old it feels like he was born yesterday. I blinked and my tiny baby is a power to be reckoned with. He has a mind of his own and keeps me extremely busy!!

On Halloween we realized how excited Jacob was by all the lights. Every time he sees a Christmas tree he gets so excited. Tonight while at Costco he got super excited over a little 4.5 foot tree! Given his reaction we couldn’t not buy him one. So $125 later he has his tree. When we turned the lights on he got so excited he squealed and waved his arms. His reaction made me cry. Happy tears. I love Christmas and I can’t wait to share this amazing time of year with my son! ❤️

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