Thankful Thursday – Week 2/52

Happy Thursday friends!! How’s everyone holding up through the first full week of 2020? We’re doing ok! It’s a bit of a hurry up and wait week for us as we edge our way towards Friday and a very important meeting! More about that in a week or so.

We are slowly falling back into a schedule now that Christmas is over. We’ve started back to the gym and Jacob’s next set of swimming lessons has started. It’s nice to have a bit of routine back. I mean we still lack serious routine because I’m not back to work but still more then we had in December.

So another Thursday which means Thankful Thursday! This week I’m grateful for the little moments I get to share with Jacob.

This child is 55 pounds of cuddle monster! He incredibly sensitive and instinctively seems to know when someone needs a bit of love.

Yesterday he and I had a little lunch date at the mall before his swimming lessons and he was so happy to just chat and chat! He always makes me laugh. We also checked out the new City LEGO at Toys R Us and of course he picked out his favourites.

He is my why. He is my little king. He makes me a better person and because of him I hold it all together even when I think I can’t. ❤️

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