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David’s Tea Peanut Butter Cup Review

I was given a sample of David’s tea new upcoming fall flavor, Peanut butter cup. I was pretty excited about this new flavor given how I feel about Peanut butter. That feeling is smitten incase you were wondering.

This new flavor will be released at the end of August with the rest of the Fall line. It’s definitely worth a try if you like peanut butter!


This peanut-ty little number is a herbal fruit infusion and is chock full of nutty flavor. Sorry I couldn’t resist! It does have nuts though. Almonds to be specific, along with apples, cococa peel, chocolate chips, safflower and a bit of “flavoring”. It smells amazing before, during, and after steeping.


I was surprised just how spot on the peanut butter flavor was despite not having peanuts as an ingredient. I tried the tea straight up to experience the full flavor prior to adding my cream. Yes I add cream. I’m one of those!
I would recommend anyone who loves peanut butter to give this tea a try. The chocolate was subtle but I thought that it worked well. I will definitely be adding this tea to my fall favorites list.


All About Tea!

A few months back I took part in a candy swap with some online friends and in my package of treats I received a few David’s tea tea bags in Forever nut and I was hooked! Shortly after that fateful day I ventured to our local location to give the tea thing a fair go!

I ended up buying the tea starter kit, the fall flavors set and a large can of Forever nuts! I was in love. Since then I’ve found myself poping into the local locations any time I’m near one. Up until my David’s discovery I was pretty brand loyal to Tazo teas by Starbucks. Don’t get me wrong I still love my Passion tea but its no David’s!

I did a tea swap with a friend in Victoria and with another blogger and received even more flavors to try! Just when I think I’ve narrowed down my list of favorites I find a new to me flavor and fall in love all over again. I am weak!!

My weakness was evident Friday morning as I was up bright and early to order the 24 days of tea advent calendar on the website. My excitement turned to disappointment as I learned the website sold out within an hour of release! I guess Lululemon isn’t the only company that uses the scaracity model! BC folks had little hope of online purchase because of upload time. I now know how the Lulu girls out of my time zone feel every Monday night! Sadsies!!! I decided to take a chance and head to Guildford to try and get my hands on the elusive highly sought after tea advent calendar!

If you ever told me I’d be standing in line for tea I would have laughed but stand in line I did! I was actually first in line at 9:45 and by store opening at 10 am there was a substantial line! Kevin shook his head as us hens ladies discussed our favorite flavors! Mine are Guava cadabra, Birthday cake, Pink lemonade, Lime gelato, and of course Forever nuts in case you wondered!


I am looking forward to sharing my tea experiences with you thorough out December!!

As I have mentioned in the past I am working hard to learn to slow down, to embrace time, experiences, and life. While tea is just a simple beverage to most it stands as a reminder to me that good things take time. It reminds me to slow down, step back and wait to avoid getting burned, figuratively and literally.