Thankful Thursday ~ October 3

Hope everyone had a great Thursday! Mine was productively busy.

My friend Angie has been doing “Thankful Thursday” posts now for a few weeks and thought I’d jump on board! You can check out her Thankful post Here!! PS she’s kinda awesome!!

So tonight after I got home from the gym I spent some time thinking about all the things I’m thankful and let me tell you the list is vast and varied! So I’ve picked a few random ones to share with you!

1) I am thankful for Emma. She is turning into such a little grown up! This week we have been having tea together and trying all the different David’s teas we picked up on our shopping trip last Sunday. Our favorite is currently Birthday cake.

2) I am thankful to live in a country and have coverage through Kev’s work that offers me access to medical and dental. Today I put on my big girl pants and went to my dentist appointment without any stress or fear! I met Matt my new hygienist and he’s great, I’m very comfortable with him.

3) I am thankful for having a husband who takes me to do simple things I’m sure he could live without. Today he took me to get my toe nails painted, my eye brows waxed, to subway for lunch, and we wandered around Value Village! It is nice to have company on my little adventures!

4) I am thankful for having the ability to have a well stocked fridge and pantry! I am often insanely indecisive about food and having many options is nice.

5) I am thankful for the smells and sights of autumn! The leaves are so gorgeous and the sunshine today was amazing!! The air has a fresh crisp scent and I love the cozy feeling this time of year brings!!

I could keep going but it’s time for some Muffin snuggles!!!

What are you Thankful for today friends?


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