Surrendering and quitting are not the same thing. Surrendering is not always a sign of giving up. Sometimes surrendering is a sign of intelligence and strength. A sign that you’ve accepted when enough is enough.

I’ve been absent on the blog front lately and I am sorry for that. I’ve been wrapping my head around some major life changes that are in my very near future! For starters I only have about eight more shifts at work before I’m laid off. It is a very surreal feeling, I’ve worked here for almost 5 years and my job is a huge part of my life. On some levels being a nurse defines who I am. But I’ve realized recently I’m more then a nurse and sometimes in life you have to step back and not only accept change but embrace it.

I see this lay off as blessing in disguise. A chance for me to slow down and catch my breath so to speak. A little me time, a little life exploration.

You really never know what’s around the next corner in life but all any of us can do is face it!

I have lots of Fall inspired recipes to post this month and a quick recap of our amazing trip to Seattle!

I look forward to having more time soon and sharing more of my life with you and catching up on yours!!


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