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Thankful Thursday Week 24/52

It’s been a week friends! We’re busy with the renovation but still found time to go to Campbell valley park this week and get out for some walks! I’m not going to lie I haven’t been doing much exercising lately (and it shows) and I feel blah most days I terms of fitness but getting out for walks these week has been helpful. I’m thankful for my lil walking buddies and the beauty of the forests near us!

Thankful Thursday ~ Oct 24

So despite the fact that last night and today have been “bad” days in terms of my pain level, I still took time to reflect on what I’m thankful for.

I am Thankful that I live in an area that is surround with so much natural beauty! We have the ocean, mountains, vast farm land, lakes, and a gorgeous city all within driving distance of our door.

Today despite the pain we went to Campbell valley park to stretch our legs. Muffin was getting restless and I definitely had a major mood outburst earlier in the day so it was evident fresh air was needed!

I love Campbell valley park. I wrote a blog post earlier in the year about the proposed changes a racing group were trying to implement in the park. You can read that post Here

I am insanely thankful that proposal was shot down and the park remains as a gorgeous, tranquil, peaceful haven. As I’ve said before this park is one of my favorite places.




I always feel calmer and happier after a walk, run, or ride through this amazing park! Today was no different, I loved it!

They Want To Pave Paradise & Put Up A Racing Spot

Protect Campbell Valley Regional Park!!!

I am writing my blog post today out of concern. Concern for our local piece of forested heaven. I grew up in Langley BC Canada and lived there for 24 years until I moved a short distance away into Cloverdale. Over the years I’ve seen Langley change dramatically from a rural farm area with fields of cows to a densely populated bustling city.

My concern is for our local park, Campbell valley park. I’ve posted many pictures of Muffin and I’s walks through this beautiful serene, peaceful park. Yesterday while on one of these walks I learned that the local racing society is lobbying to have stock car racing return to this nature park. Racing came to an end in the park almost 30 years ago and since then the 1/4 mile track has been nothing more the a QUIET,peaceful walking track and a large field in a quiet corner of a 535 hectare (1400 acres) forested nature park.

The racing came to an end almost 30 years ago for a number of reasons. Mainly noise concerns from locals and the fact the racing venue didn’t fit into the future vision of the park as a nature area. The area was set aside in 1979 as a nature park.

Campbell valley park is home to many types of birds, animals, frogs, fish, owls, deer, etc. Not to mention eco sensitive at risk species such as the red-legged frog and western toad! The park itself contains 29 kilometers of walking trails and 14 kilometers of equestrian trails, as well as cycling trails. The park attracts visitors from all aspects of life from picnicking families to marathon runners training for their next big race. Elementary school students frequent the park on field trips to learn about nature, see the turtles, and hand feed the chickadees. I personally visit the park weekly and view it as an escape from the congestion and over population the Lower Mainland of British Columbia is currently experiencing.



The society trying to reinstate stock car racing in the park is claiming it won’t cause any environmental damage to the park. I wholeheartedly disagree with this based on the fact the sheer amount of reconstruction that would need to occur to even bring the track up to racing standard. Not to mention the area currently lacks proper lighting, proper sanitation, proper parking, etc to house such a venue.

This is what the track looked like 30 years ago…

(Note I do not own the above photo…it showed up in various locations online and in newsprint if you have it copyrighted and want it removed please email me)

And this is what it looks like today…




As you can see the track itself is the only portion remaining and has been in fact claimed a heritage site in Langley. It however is nowhere near racing shape ready! The hillside that once housed seating is now nothing more then a hillside of trees and a sole staircase. The hillside seating, start towers, fencing, most guard rails and buildings, etc have long since been removed from the location.

The hillside this spring faced the wrath of Mother Nature and was victim to a slide.


Now I’m not an environmental engineer or anything but I do have a sound knowledge of how erosion works and I know it’s safe to say that removing those trees for seating would render that hillside insanely unstable! Costing a fortune in environmental safety studies and even more to properly secure the hillside. Have I mentioned the society claims there won’t be any environmental consequences?!?

If the environmental conditions are not enough the track is neighbored very closely by Pacific Riding For Developing Abilities, a non profit society that offers therapeutic horseback riding for those with cognitive, developmental, psychical and emotional disabilities. This facility is located on the end of a narrow dead end rural road and lies in very close proximity to the racing track. As common sense may tell you horse back riding and loud car engines do not mix! Having been a volunteer at PRDA in the past I can tell you a calm quiet environment is needed for a safe execution of the amazing work they do at the facility. The last thing anyone wants is a rider being tossed from a spooked horse. Loud car racing noises spook horses. Doesn’t matter how well trained an animal sudden loud/sharp noises are startling, just as they are to humans.

This issue is near and dear to my heart because I have watched so much of Langley’s pristine land be gobbled up by development and I sincerely hope Campbell Valley park doesn’t become the next cemented piece of paradise in this community!

Please make your voice heard no matter where you are from and call the East area office at 6045304983 and express your opposition to The Langley Speedway being reopened to racing regardless of number of yearly race days! Campbell valley park is a nature park and needs to remain this way!