Thankful Thursday Week 20/52

I’m going to tell you the truth! I’m cranky! I’m really tired of this covid situation. I’m trying to stay positive but the whole woah is me, prisoner in my own home feeling is intense lately!

I tell myself it’s ok to visit cranky town and self pity palace but it’s not ok to live there!

So let’s talk about what I’m thankful for!

I went out this week for the first time in over two months! Like into a store! Near other people!! I’m thankful no one coughed on me! I’m thankful my anxiety didn’t reduce me to tears! It was a weird experience! The direction lines on the floors and stand here dots! The uneasy feeling when anyone gets within 10 feet of me!!! This whole situation is wild! Honestly I’m not a fan! I’m thankful I went out but was thankful to return home to my own bubble!

I’m also incredibly thankful my Erin Condren life planner arrived in record time!

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