Be Better

Dear everyone,

Someone’s value and self worth does not go down because their pant size has gone up nor does their worth go up as their pant size goes down.

I am seriously disgusted at how some adults expect their children to learn to not bully others because of body type yet grown ass women think its okay for them to snicker because not everyone is a size 2.. Be better ladies!

That girl at the gym my not be tiny and yes she out weighs you. She out weighs you as a better person! She can change her appearance but your ugly comes from the inside!!

Dear Girl at the gym,
You are beautiful! You are beautiful the way you are. You will be beautiful if you change or stay the same. Don’t let those ladies discourage you. You are there because you love yourself or because you’re learning to love yourself! Either way don’t stop. Do it for you, not for the size tag in your yoga pants.

The girl who’s been there and back again.


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