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I Know Ive Been Quiet….

But I saw something today that really slapped me in the face and got my attention!! Now I’m sharing it with you because it’s so important and no one tells you this!!!! Don’t put your well-being at risk to avoid making a scene or hurting someone’s feelings!! This goes for all the things listed below but also for friendships, jobs, marriages, family dinners, appointments, etc!! If something is making you uncomfortable you don’t owe it to anybody to stay there and suffer!!!

I think this resonates with me so deeply for a number of reasons but especially because of how long I stayed working for an abusive employer because I felt I had too!! I was raised to believe you don’t quit and now thanks to life experience and therapy I know it’s ok to quit! It’s ok to put myself first! It’s ok to walk away!!!

It’s funny writing this today after coming home from my shift at my new job which I absolutely love. I think about what I worked through at my last job and feel so incredibly grateful to now be working for a family who values me as nurse, as a caregiver, and most importantly as a person!

When I left my last job I truly didn’t know if I’d ever return to nursing but after a long hiatus involving therapy, self discovery, self love, and healing I’m so thankful to have found a job in the field I love that reminds me why I went into health care in the first place. I’m so thankful to have found a family to help that truly is thankful for my help.

I now know it’s ok to leave when you don’t feel right about a situation. It’s ok to leave when you aren’t being respected, it’s okay to walk away. You don’t owe your well being to anyone except you!!



Surrendering and quitting are not the same thing. Surrendering is not always a sign of giving up. Sometimes surrendering is a sign of intelligence and strength. A sign that you’ve accepted when enough is enough.

I’ve been absent on the blog front lately and I am sorry for that. I’ve been wrapping my head around some major life changes that are in my very near future! For starters I only have about eight more shifts at work before I’m laid off. It is a very surreal feeling, I’ve worked here for almost 5 years and my job is a huge part of my life. On some levels being a nurse defines who I am. But I’ve realized recently I’m more then a nurse and sometimes in life you have to step back and not only accept change but embrace it.

I see this lay off as blessing in disguise. A chance for me to slow down and catch my breath so to speak. A little me time, a little life exploration.

You really never know what’s around the next corner in life but all any of us can do is face it!

I have lots of Fall inspired recipes to post this month and a quick recap of our amazing trip to Seattle!

I look forward to having more time soon and sharing more of my life with you and catching up on yours!!