Thankful Thursday Week 3/52

My Thankful thoughts tonight are simple. I’m Thankful my little family is all together under the same roof, warm, safe.

The weather the last few days is usually the type of weather that is panic inducing and stressful for me. As a nurse taking a snow day is often met with employer pushback and irritation. I mean I totally understand why, any healthcare role is a vital role but this week because I’m off work it was pleasant and easy. I know that I’m extremely fortunate to be laying in a warm bed with my child snuggled up to one side and my dog snuggled up to the other. While the faint sounds of the tv down the hall sneak in from whatever show my husband is watching as he enjoys some peaceful quiet time to himself.

With the recognition and realization of how lucky we are I’ve also thought a lot about what it would be like to be out there in this weather with no place to go. The only word I can come up with is terrifying. Terrifying and cold.

Over the holidays there was so many opportunities to giveback, to donate, lend a hand. Now that many of us are settled back in to the day to day of mid January it’s easy to overlook those fundraisers or food drives. So tonight I’m asking you to join us and take a few minutes this weekend and take a peek through your closets or storage, find those winter jackets, boots, unneeded blankets and drop them off at your local shelter. This winter is far from over and you never know, you might be saving a life. ❤️

Coldest Night Cloverdale/Surrey

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