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January 1 2021

Happy New year friends!! Hope everyone enjoyed a quiet evening and ushered the new year in healthy!

We stayed up till midnight to blow our horns and watch some fireworks!

Today we spent the day having a cozy family day!! We ordered some Freshii for dinner, went for a walk in the rain, played some Nintendo, a d did a puzzle!

It was the perfect way to start the year!!

After the changes and chaos of 2020 I’ve decided I’m not setting any resolutions this year. I have however decided to commit to getting outside and walking every single day despite the weather! I’ve also committed to making sure I drink my water every day. I’m not considering these resolutions because I’m looking at them as healthy habits that I want to do for my wellbeing!

Are you setting a resolution? Goal? Any big plans for 2021?

Consoled a cup of coffee but it didn’t want to talk…

2020 …. How did that happen? Wasn’t it just 2010? Didn’t I just start nursing? Get married? Become a mother? How did 10? 20? Years go by so fast?

I’ve got very little advice to offer at this point other then to be weary of people in the darkness who hold flashlights. Not everyone drawing you towards them wants to help you.