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August Slipped Away Into A Moment In Time….

But I can see all the moments etched in my mind.

The passing of time is a cruel reminder that life is only so many seasons long. I’m sitting here this morning trying to figure out where the Summer went.

I’m thankful we got to spend time as a family making memories. As I look towards the approaching Fall I have an extremely strong grasp on what’s important to me while everything else seems to be spiralling out of control around me.

With that being said, honestly im exhausted. We are about to start down a brand new path of a child in school learning, a husband with a permanent injury attempting to go back to work, and continuing to weather the storm of aging parents.

Every time I think I’ve caught my breath something seems to push be back under the wave I’m trying not to drown in. I think I’m tired of trying to fill that void.

Vegas 2013

Kevin and I spent last week in Vegas! It was a great vacation and a great way to celebrate our third wedding anniversary and Kevin’s 30 birthday!


I don’t have a ton of photos to share with you from the trip because I didn’t want to be spending all our time snapping photos! The trip was about spending time together and enjoying Vegas! Needless to say we rocked it!

The weather, the food, the shopping were all magnificent! As always! We have been to Vegas a number of times and these things are yet to disappoint! I was super excited to find the Nike studio wraps that I saw online and have lusted after for months!

20131123-092750.jpg Yoga just got cuter 😉

The food! Seriously Vegas is a foodie heaven! Everything we ate was outstanding. I made a point of not letting myself feel guilty for enjoying the food despite the calories. After all we were on vacation! Plus all the walking helped burn off some calories! We had omelets at Cafe Bellagio, Gourmet burgers at The Paris, Pizza at The California pizza kitchen, and many amazing meals in between!







We went to the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Soul2soul concert at the Venetian and I have to say it was the best concert I’ve ever been to! The small venue paired with the fact we got upgraded to amazing seats was absolute perfection! For a good portion of the night Tim and Faith were close enough to touch! I may or may not have had a star struck moment over Tim McGraw! It was the best way to spend a Friday night in Vegas!


Kevin took me to the Mirage to see the dolphins and big kitty’s because he knows the Secret garden is one of my absolute happy places . There is something so calming about being so near to those dolphins. I could sit there for hours watching them play. No matter how many times we go to Vegas the experience never gets old.







We did all sorts of fun stuff and then we hung out in the pool and the hot tub for a while to unwind. We sipped drinks, we gambled, we just enjoyed our time together just the two of us.
It was amazing and I can’t wait until May to do it all again!




Seattle 2013

Last month we took a trip to Seattle and I loved every minute of it!!! I loved the architecture, the food, the sights, the sounds and the Seahawks!! I have tried to write this post a few times and can never do my experience justice!! It was an amazing trip and I am already longing to return to that beautiful city!!


We took in so many amazing things while we were there! We visited Pike place market daily, took in the views from the space needle, went to watch the Seahawks kick ass and the Mariners try their hardest! I was enthralled with the gorgeousness that is Seattle center park. The Chihuly glass was stunning and the aquarium stole my heart! I really can’t even put into words how much I loved Seattle and how much I enjoyed my time with Kevin and his parents!




What I can tell you is how amazing the food was!! I had done some research prior to going and was informed by other bloggers that I had to try the macaroni and cheese at Beechers!!! Ummm they were correct! If it’s one thing bloggers know it’s food!!



The secret to Beechers amazing pasta offering is the homemade cheese! You can actually watch them make the cheese while you stand in line! Don’t let the line discourage you! It’s worth the wait and the calories!!



Beechers is located at Pike place market a few doors down from the first Starbucks location!! If you know me at all you know how excited I was to visit that particular Starbucks location! Again don’t let the line discourage you it moves rather quickly but if you can plan a weekday visit there won’t be much of a line to contend with.




I’m not sure if it was the best skinny,half sweet iced caramel macchiato I’ve ever had because the baristas at that location are pro or if because I was on a vacation high! Either way it was worth the line and I happily remember my visit each time I use my prized mugs I bought at the first Starbucks location ever!! Yes I’m that girl 😉

We tried many nibbles of delectable offerings at the market but the mini donuts from A Daily Dozen at Pike place hold a special place in my heart and on my thighs! If I lived in Seattle my proximity to those little donuts would cause me health issues I assure you!


They put those suckers in a brown paper bag to hide your addiction like an alcoholic would hide his bottle!!! My inner fat girl longs for more paper bag shame!!!!

The sights of Pike place market are amazing. The flowers, the fish, the fruits and veggies, the gum wall!! I don’t even know where to begin! We spent hours and hours there and it wasn’t enough.








We decided to take in the views from some higher places and took a ride on the massive Ferris Wheel on the board walk! Such a neat experience and I was very proud of Mom for taking the ride despite her feelings about heights!




While the views from the Ferris wheel were amazing they were not as amazing as those from the top of the Space needle. If you do one thing in Seattle eat the Mac and cheese! If you do two, go up the Space needle and sip an overpriced glass of wine while you marvel over the stunning view of this amazing city!





We had the pleasure if visiting the Aquarium while we were there and of course I adored that!! There were otters and otters are on my list of things I






Being married to a McGavin man means you have to be a Seahawks fan! It’s not debatable and when you go to a game with the boys you have to cheer with all you’ve got! I also had a team inspired pedicure which I am certain helped them win! It isn’t hard to get into the Seahawks spirit when you are in Seattle! You make friends and get high fived just for sporting team gear. It is impossible not to get sucked into the hype at a game when surrounded by cheering fans and fueled by garlic fries. The Seahawks game was by far the coolest sporting event I’ve ever been to.. And don’t tell Kevin but I kinda like watching games with him now!








After experiencing a Sunday night Seahawks game the Monday nights Mariners game was much quieter but still an awesome experience I fully enjoyed!






I could go on for hours telling you all about our trip and my new found love of the city. I could tell you about early morning swims, beer tastings at the brewery, the antique shop, the wine, the best ranch dressing I’ve ever tasted, the game of chicken we played with the fountain, and the love I have found being part of Kevin’s family. I once again feel this post doesn’t even begin to touch on the amazingness I experienced while in Seattle. If you ever get the chance to take in that beautiful, inspiring city do it. Seattle doesn’t disappoint. The food, the views, the people, the Seahawks, all amazing!













Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park

On our way home from our last Camping adventure Kevin and I discovered an interesting attraction on one of my many requested pee breaks!!

I never paid much attention to Bridges to be honest with you until I married into the McGavin clan. Kevin’s dad is a bridge builder you see, So I’ve had my eyes opened to the design and building process and find it quite intriguing. I definitely see the beauty in bridges I was oblivious to before. I knew when we saw the sign for Alexandra Bridge we needed to check it out.

Alexandra bridge is nestled on the outskirt of Alexandra provincial park, located about 40 kilometers North of Hope BC and 2 kilometers North of Spuzzum BC on the Trans Canada hwy.

Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park is a small park dedicated to the site of the original Cariboo Wagon Road bridge over the Fraser River. The park was opened in 1984. This site has been home to a number of crossing over the Fraser River but the current bridge was built in 1926. It is no longer utilized by traffic but remains as an amazing step back in time.




The suspension bridge itself can be accessed on foot by following a path from the parks parking lot. The path itself is in fact a portion of the old highway. It is about a 10 minute easy walk to the bridge. The bridge and portion of the old highway that make up the path have not been used by vehicle traffic since 1964, when the new bridge and road were completed slightly up stream.


The bridge is an amazing sight. An instant step back in time. The presence of the bridge over the mighty river and surrounded by mountains felt home to an almost surreal feeling of powerful yet deserted and creepy. Almost a lost in plain sight sort of experience.

The bridge deck is interesting because it is grate style and you can see through it down to the river. As noted in the first photo of the lady waiting for her family to cross, many people can’t seem to bring themselves to cross the span. Muffin didn’t seem to be phased but then again I carried her across! The views are spectacular and experiencing a part of our local heritage is always an enlightening experience.


I highly suggest a quick stop at this beautiful bridge and park if you ever travel through the Fraser Canyon. It’s truly breathtaking.


Rustic Camping At Blue Lake Resort

Despite popular believe amongst my friends I am in fact a country girl at heart! I grew up on a farm and dirt & mud don’t phase me. Of course I don’t deny enjoying the finer things in life like my Lululemon collection, white tipped gel nails, pedicures, wine, and fancy hotel stays on our vacations! This however doesn’t mean I don’t know how to camp! I can and have stayed in a tent on many adventures. This past weekend Kevin and I decided to sneak away for a little rustic camping experience of our own!!

On Thursday afternoon we packed up Kiana (yes our car has a name, don’t judge) and headed up to Boston Bar BC.

As you can see Muffin and I were very pleased by this!!! After a brief stop at our favorite diner in Hope and a couple hours of driving we arrived at Blue lake resort and checked into their Eco cabin!!!


The Eco cabin doesn’t have a whole lot of visual appeal but what it lacks in that department it makes up for in privacy and amazing mountain views!!


The interior of cabin is much less rustic and I was intrigued to know that all the building materials in this cabin were reused from other projects! Of course there is no power or running water, so city girls need not apply! Inside the cabin was a cozy bed, dining table, futon, wood stove and dishes for two!! Oh and a composting toilet on the covered deck! Very handy if you want to avoid the 1/3 km walk to get to the actual bathroom at the general store and the 1/3 km walk back to the cabin!!!




Once we unpacked and set up our temporary weekend home we trekked down to the lake. The lake is gorgeous and was the perfect temperature for swimming and relaxing on hot summer days. Apparently the fishing is decent as well.




After our walk we headed back to the cabin to make dinner and watch the sunset. The view off the cabin deck was priceless. The stars were plentiful and Kevin and I sat out there for hours talking. Unfortunately the area is under a campfire ban but we found other ways to pass the time!!



I will be honest with you and tell you the Eco cabin isn’t for the faint of heart! It is located at the opposite end of the resort from everything else. Privacy aplenty! Meaning more wildlife, more darkness, and more unidentifiable noises!! Oh and bats!!! The whole weekend was insanely hot and I spent a good portion of the time in a bra or bathing suit. I learned quickly that if you sport your super sexy headlamp bats will swoop at you on the deck to catch the Mosquitos the light attracts! This in turn leads to panic.

I should also tell you that the abundant wildlife includes a super cute pack rat that likes to work all night as soon as the lights go down! By work I mean make a lot of noise running through the walls and roof of the cabin. I was in panic mode for a few hours thinking there were critters inside with us but I learned thanks to my spy skills the cabin was in fact wildlife free. Well unless you count Muffin as ferocious wildlife.

But seriously I can tell you nothing except a few bees got inside the cabin with us. I can tell you this because I left a snack out for any visitors and it wasn’t touched all weekend!! Our covered deck was another story!! Of course it is doorless so it’s pretty much free territory! We had a lizard visit us while we ate lunch and later in the evening the worlds biggest beetle.

20130812-181437.jpg It was indeed an adventure!

The resort boasts some amazing walks and hikes. We took in the sights of the beautiful waterfall hike and the other easier trails before conquering the big mountain hike!





20130812-182224.jpg On our first hike we discovered the area is home to millions of tiny frogs and snakes. The frogs amused me for hours.


My favorite adventure of the trip was the hike up to the lookout point high above the lake. The hike itself is fairly intense and quite an elevation gain but well worth it. It proved to be a great workout in the midday heat. The view at the top is rewarding and stunning. It really puts into perspective how small and insignificant we are in comparison to the vastness of the mountains.








Once we were back on flat ground we spent most of our day in the lake. The swim out docks provided hours of tanning and relaxation. The lake was amazing. The views were breath taking and the quiet time alone with my husband was perfection. I was thankful for every minute.






In all it was a fantastic weekend. The resort itself has many other less rustic cabins and a large lodge, all of which looked appealing on the outside. They also have many camper/ tenting sites. They offer boat rentals, have shower/ laundry facilities and a well stocked store incase you forget something. The resort has a few areas that could use some TLC but it is a work in progress and I’d definitely return! The staff were all very friendly and helpful. That atmosphere among the campers was upbeat and everyone seemed happy to interact with everyone else.
It isn’t a five star hotel my friends but it is a great little resort with a homey feeling and lots to see and do!

I can honestly tell you I have really realized a lot about who I am and about my life since I’ve gotten sick and watched my brothers health fail. I think what’s hit me the most is the realization that if you can do it now, do it now because tomorrow you might not have that luxury!!! Whether its staying in a rustic cabin, conquering a fear, swimming halfway across a lake or hiking up a mountain… Do it while you can in case the day comes you can’t.