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Thankful Thursday Week 8/52

We’re neck deep in renovations with no end in sight but my energy and heart has been with Muffin all week.

Muffin had some pretty major dental surgery this week. As a small havanese dog she’s prone to dental disease and unfortunately her teeth didn’t fare so well. She eats a raw diet and the lack of crunch and scraping while chewing definitely sped the process along. Sadly Muffin had to have 25 teeth removed this week. She came through surgery well and is recovering well at home.

For that I’m extremely thankful.

Weekend Wonders-I’m Aware It’s Wednesday

So my weekend wasnt all cooking and baking! I did a few other things and had a bit of relaxing time! Of course I’m not as intense in the relaxation zone as Muffin is!





Of course she earned these naps! She had to venture out to Bosleys pet store to get food and treats! Riding shot gun I’m the sun is a lot of work!




I keep telling you life is hard! So hard in fact I was forced to have a mud bath.

It may look odd but the mud leaves my skin so soft and it is actually very calming. They sell it by the bottle at Spa Utopia! Try it!

I spent some time gardening and was excited to see some of my seeds have sprouted! Very giddy to see the Brussels sprouts sprouted!!


We got a delivery of lumber for the new stairs. Complete with crane truck!


See I to you I did other stuff!! However I did do more baking, I baked cupcakes for Sandra’s birthday party! Vanilla bean filled with Nutella and frosted with chocolate buttermilk. Very rich and delightful.


While they were baking Maple and I played fetch for almost an hour! She is still full of puppy energy! Love her! Thankfully she didn’t mind my cowgirl chic look of muddy boots and lulemons! I’m sexy!



Saturday night a group of us headed to Sandra’s 31st Birthday party




The party was laid back and full of laughs and good conversation. I guess it’s a sign of changing times and our age. I’m glad I went. I’m glad I got to catch up with friends and cuddle Lincoln, the puppy! I was exhausted by the end of the night and very glad to come home to Kevin for a Saturday night of couch cuddles.

I woke up early Sunday morning and needed to get some fresh air, so Emma and I headed to the Sunday market and bought flowers. We got flowers for Krista and my mom as well as for me.

I just feel better about life when there is fresh flowers in the house. After we got the flowers situated, Krista and I took Emma and the dogs for another walk to our local dog boutique for some treats!



I am very excited that the two new pet-stores have opened in Cloverdale. It is nice to take Muffin for a walk and buy her a treat. No kids what can I say!


This week at work has been quiet and good minus the fact I have a horribly sore throat.

I’ve been alternating between cuddling Muffin, drinking tea, and whining about death being near!


I guess an update about my weekend was overlooked because of my extra day off! Oh well better late then never right?!?? So I have a few more hours at work and I’m done for the week. I have a few things on the Ol’ To do list, most importantly coffee with Patricia and Sandra’s Birthday party! I still haven’t decided what kind of cupcakes I’m going to make for the party but I guess I should figure it out soon!

I have a feeling this weekend will be much busier then last! Last weekend was pretty low key but relaxing. We got a few things done, had a lunch date and enjoyed a long walk and some time at the dog park with Muffin!




The dog park and pup friendly beach area/trails at Crescent beach are great! Muffin was definitely happy for some park time! Pretty sure she enjoyed it more then her trip to the groomer! but seriously look how cute she is!


The only down side to the weekend was my lingering headache and some hip pain. It took a lot for me to take a day off work but I know it was the right choice. I suppose I should make another doctors appointment soon but I don’t really have any interest. I see my Lupus specialist in the Spring and have an MRI coming up.

The upside of my weekend other then the previously mentioned was Emma’s 8th birthday! Time flies!


We had a great lunch at the Townhall pub thanks to a Gift Card they gave me! I had the grilled chicken pesto quesadilla and side salad. It was perfection. Granted I’ve never had bad food at the Townhall! Being free was also a nice touch!

After lunch we ventured to the mall so I could get my new phone. I had my heart set on a new white iPhone and Telus provided! I am very impressed with the level of customer service I was provided.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words so here are a few from my weekend!










I hope everyone has enjoyed my recent recipe posts! There will for sure be many more to come! As for me I think Muff and I are going to go for a walk to Starbucks to pass some time and get some fresh air!!

Does anyone have any recipe idea or requests?!?!

Lunch And Puppy Cuddles

So I’m halfway through my three day work week. Muffin is cuddled up under a blanket with me, I think she is having a sympathy headache! Or she’s just a fluffy little lazy beast! Either way I love the cuddles!


Kisses anyone?!?!?

So my goal for the week is simple in theory, get my portions back on track. For the most part I eat very healthy with a treat in moderation. I don’t deny myself the things I want or live but I do try to stick to the 80/20 rule. The last few months have been tough though. I find when I’m not feeling well my portion control suffers and I’m much more likely to give into extra treats. When my body is in so much pain it is like my brain says forget this lets eat another cookie. The lupus stuff has been a lot to take and now I’m slowly coming to terms with everything it’s time to get life back on track a little.

Yesterday I started out my day with a bowl of ancient grains oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon of hemp hearts. It was delicious and kept me full right through my mid morning workout. At the gym I did 30 minutes if cardio, 20 minutes of legs and 10 of abs, plus some stretching! It was packed yesterday at the gym, which my work mom and I figured was because it was a stat holiday here in BC yesterday for family day!

After the gym I snacked on two hard boiled eggs mixed with some fresh full and a tablespoon of light olive oil mayo.


While it may not look all that appealing I can assure you it was yummy! In fact this is becoming one of my favorite snacks.

A while later I made myself some homemade bruschetta and served it on green olive bread. Very filling and tasty.
For dinner the boss and I each had the three bean veggie burgers I made on Sunday afternoon alone with a spring mix salad and some olive oil pan fried potatoes with homemade guacamole and tzatziki. It was an excellent meal. I really like the three bean burgers better then the ones I made last time with just black beans. Better texture and more flavour! I will take photos next time I make them.

Later in the evening I had a small serving of pistachios. I love nuts but pistachios might be my favourite!! My treat yesterday was a cookie Kevin brought me when he came to visit. All in all I was content with my food choices and workout for the day.

I started out today with the same breakfast as yesterday. I’m really finding the hemp hearts bulk up the oats and give the breakfast a little more staying power. For lunch I had spring mix toped with left over BBQ garlic chicken and fajita peppers and onions with trader joes cilantro dressing. I also toasted an English muffin and spread liver sausage on it… I know I know! Don’t judge me I have gross cravings ūüėČ I only crave liver sausage when my iron is low so I always listen to that craving.


Kevin is on his way to visit Miss Muff and I here at work. We are going to take her for a nice long hilly walk! It won’t be nearly as nice as our sunny Sunday forest 4 km walk but it will have to do.





It was so beautiful on Sunday we couldn’t resist a trip to the park after Kevin made BBQ chicken fajitas for lunch and we walked to the local Sunday market for some fresh flowers and browsing!! It defiantly felt like spring on Sunday!! Today the drizzle is back! Welcome to BC folks!!

I hope everyone is having a good day!

Soaking Wet Sunday

Have you ever spent time with someone who speaks just to hear the sound of their own voice? Who asks the same question repeatedly but never listens to the answer? Someone who accuses you of being cranky because you don’t have much to say at the moment? My frustration level is a little high right now. Not as high as earlier this evening but still higher then I care for.

Before this turns into a full blown rant let me change the subject. How was everyone’s Sunday? Good I hope. The majority of mine was delightful. I got up early and cleaned the house. I mean who doesn’t love cleaning? I made myself a labour intensive breakfast as pictured below!


I hung out in the rain with Muffin…


I made sure the fur kids shared breakfast…


Yes the cat is bigger then the dog!

Once noon rolled around I was happy to meet up with four girlfriends and head out for frozen yogurt and girl talk!






That’s Katie’s classic pout face! You would think she would be happy with a pocket full of candy!!!

Upon returning home I found Kevin and Muffin in the same place I left them, on the couch watching football. I decided to throw together some mini pita pizzas and baked cheddar bacon chicken bites! Who says game day food can’t be healthy!




The rest of my Sunday afternoon was typical and now I find myself at work for the next three days. I’m going to cut this short tonight friends.

I hope Monday goes by smoothly for everyone, sweet dreams.

Seriously Stuffed Saturday

Hi friends, it is 10:30 P.M. and to say I’m tired is an overstatement! ¬†I’ve been ready to crawl into bed since about 8 P.M. but for a number of reasons that hasn’t happened yet. ¬†Muffin and I were up bright and early and had a jam packed day. ¬†We were up early for a good reason at least, her epic-ally over due spa day. I present for your¬†viewing¬†enjoyment an no longer¬†unruly, shaggy beast!


Spending the morning at the spa is apparently very exhausting!


Once Muffin was safely at the groomer I ventured to the gym. I was pleased to find it wasn’t terribly busy for a Saturday morning in January. Have peoples¬†resolutions¬†already¬†fizzled?¬†


I completed 35 minutes of cardio, split between the bike and elliptical and then 30 minutes of arm weights and ab work. Followed that up with 15 minutes of stretching and called it a day. It was a good work out, I was off in my own little Taylor Swift workout fueled zone. I am such a geek!

After the gym I headed to Starbucks to meet a girlfriend and her fiance for coffee. We chatted for well over an hour. Lots of catching up was done and even more wedding talk! She is getting married in the somewhat near future and we had a great time chatting about ideas, mostly cupcakes. 


My skinny¬†peppermint¬†mocha vanished all to quickly! Note to self: Don’t skip breakfast before the gym! Healthy living fail. After coffee I headed back to the groomer to pick up Muffin and then had a visit with my parents and my adorable¬†niece who is feeling a little under the weather after her big snow sledding trip.¬†


I somehow managed to go till mid afternoon with no food. I know, I know! I almost never do that and trust me by the time I got food in me I wasn’t feeling so great. After a late lunch Kevin and I leashed up Muffin and my Brother and Sister in law’s dog Maple up for a walk around the¬†neighbor¬†hood.

Maple was more interested in the world then having her picture taken! Please forgive her she is still a puppy.

Muffin on the other paw was more interested in visiting with her neighbor BFF dog, Sophie. Of course she was also concerned about looking fashionable in her little pink fur lined jacket. Someone really should slap me! 




After our walk Kevin attempted to watch some football but I caused much distraction by doing another 15 minute mini trampoline workout. Who knew jumping up and down was a distraction for men! Ya learn something everyday!


If you have one of these I suggest you utilize it! I did a few exercises but the sit/stand with the medicine ball was felt the most. It is amazing how such a simple exercise can be so effective.  I used my extra work out as an excuse to eat a piece of yesterdays banana bread with some peanut butter.  So yummy!


 My other snack of the day was much healthier I promise. Veggies and dip, an easy stand by.


Later in the evening Kevin and I ventured back out to get me a pair of shoes I saw yesterday. I loved them when I saw them but wasn’t 100% sure I needed them at the time. After thinking about them all day I decided I did want them and much to my sadness by the time we got back to the store my size was all sold out. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Have I mentioned life is hard?¬†

Once home I tackled dinner.




I made whole wheat¬†spaghetti¬†with my Mom’s meat sauce¬†recipe. It calls for an abundance of garlic, mushrooms, onions,¬†peppers¬† and lean ground beef amoung a few other key ingredients. Kevin likes to dust his pasta with parmeasan, which has never been on my yum list. ¬† Don’t get me wrong I love parmeasan, heck I love all cheese. I just don’t like it on my pasta sauce. I am very odd when it comes to food, and mostly all aspects of everything! OCD for the win!! More on that little jem some other day.¬†


After dinner the three of us did some cuddling and I whined about being sore, and seriously considered a bubble bath. 


 We have some pretty intense cuddle sessions in this house!

I am sure you have noticed my love of owl’s, they pop up everywhere around my house and on me. Today was no different. Ever get the feeling¬†you’re¬†being watched? I did all day. ¬†This little hooter peeked out of my¬†sleeve¬†and stared back at me¬†every time¬†I looked down today. ¬†Such a cute little¬†bracelet!


That is as close as a picture of me gets today. No one needs to see my look of exhaustion.  So with that friends I am going to leave you for the day. I think I am going to tackle that bubble bath. My goal is to not fall asleep in the tub but I make no promises. 



Friday Before And After!

Hi Friends, both new and old! I am very excited to see a few of you commenting. Thank you! So my day started off rather productive, Kev and Muffin had no intention of getting out of bed when I did, so I busied myself in the kitchen. Did some dinner prep, baked some banana bread, and finally made an omelette and English muffins to entice the other two lazy bones out of bed!!!

I thought it might be fun to show you some before and after photos of my kitchen adventures today!! Here we go! Greek lemon potatoes prepped to soak for the day in lemon juice, olive oil, white wine, garlic, and spices.


And after an hour in the oven this evening…


I made a bowl of homemade tzatziki because Greek potatoes just aren’t the same without it in my opinion. I used chopped cucumber, low fat Greek yogurt, dill, garlic, lemon juice, a little olive oil, and a touch of salt and pepper.Image

The finished product had a serious garlic kick. Just how we like it.


Kevin and I paired our Greek potatoes with some Barbqued pepper garlic pork tender loin and some sauteed zucchini with a sprinkle of parmasan.


It turned out pretty delightful, but im not going to lie I am glad I am not the one who had to stand outside in the dark to barbque the pork. Thanks Kevin! Love you.

Up next on my “To Do” list after prepping dinner this morning was to make a couple loaves of banana bread. I love baking and my friends and family don’t seem to mind because I always like to gift my creations. That way I don’t eat it all myself. Always thinking ūüėČ


The final product, with a little Instagram filter action for your enjoyment!


If any of you would like me to post my recipes for anything I make please just let me know. I am considering adding a recipes tab if there is any interest.

I didn’t spend all day in the kitchen, though I could have today. I visited my parents and then this afternoon we ventured out to find some new oven mitts and of course as always with shopping I ended up with more then mitts. I got a new wallet, shorts for the gym, kitchen towels, and a few other things. The wallet was a necessity as mine decided to give up on life mid way through Christmas shopping last month. I finally found one I liked okay fine loved. It has owls on it, clearly I couldn’t say no.


When we got home from shopping Muffin was sure everything I purchased was simply hers and all made for a cozy bed.


As if spoiling myself wasn’t bad enough, my best friend Katie showed up this afternoon bearing gifts for me.


New Pj pants, a reusable owl bag and some Bath and body works bath gel. See told you I was spoiled! Katie is awesome, but she’s my friend you can’t have her! ūüėČ Okay find maybe I can share! You should know I managed to unload a good chunk of banana bread on her before she escaped my house.

Muffin would like me to show you all her before, during, and after her big yawn today.

So here we are before, just chilling with dad. No big thing!


Then it happened and i’m still not sure how I caught it on camera, but my little tiny nine pound fur ball let out the worlds biggest yawn. For a second I thought we were all going to be sucked into some sort of puppy black hole!


>;Promptly after the big yawn she went back to relaxing. You know the thing that takes up most of her doggy day!!


I need to reiterate that her life is hard people! So very hard! She is going for a groomer visit very soon to tame that mess of fur she has going on. I promise you will be shocked when you see her after a day at the spa. She will look ridiculous and not in a good way. You’ve been warned.

It has been raining here most of the day and I haven’t felt so great. Sometime soon I will get into the reason why I don’t feel so great lately but for now I won’t. I didn’t go to the gym as I had planned and I guess I just have to accept that for what it is. We did However spend a good solid hour walking today and I thankfully we did so indoors. I am going to take Muffin around the block and catch up on some blog reading before we call it a night. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day exercise wise.

Enjoy your Friday night friends!


I See You There

This is what i contend with at every meal.


This adorable face who has made it her life’s work to be sure that I remember sharing is in fact caring. How do you say no to that face? No really please teach me as I cannot seem to do it.

Anyways, I don’t know if you know this or not but walking down a hill covered in black ice is a treacherous adventure! Walking back up the hill is never a picnic, but you know what they say…whatever doesn’t kill you!!!!! I have to admit it was a beautiful day here, considerably nicer then the foggy afternoon yesterday.



Yesterday’s foggy walk compared to today’s clear skies.


The area I work is great for midday walks. Lots of flat areas and hilly areas depending on how I’m feeling. I actually felt decent today. Which is a change from the last little while, so we did a quick mile walk mostly hills. I like this area because it is very much city life but still close to nature and the country.


I’ve been in a cooking mood lately and this morning was no different. For breakfast I chopped up an apple added some water,sugar, and cinnamon to a pot and cooked it just long enough for the apple to soften. I drained the water mixture and was left with amazingly flavourful, sweet cinnamon infused goodness. I added half my creation to a bowl of oats and peanut butter, perfect for a cold morning. The other half found itself mixed with a few little cheddar cheese squares ad my afternoon snack. I’ve been reading that cinnamon has some serious health benefits, so I sneak it in where I can.


I was lucky enough to have Kevin bring me lunch today. He stopped on the way here and grabbed us both Quiznos. I can’t even remember the last time I had a sandwich from there, but it was very good. Mine was some turkey, guacamole, veggie concoction, and while it was far from pretty it was satisfying. I looked up the nutritional value on their website and it wasn’t half bad other then the sodium content.


Kevin hasn’t been feeling great either so it was nice we got to hang out over lunch while I’m at work. I know a lot of our friends are sick right now and I really don’t want to catch it!

My need to be in the kitchen proved successful at dinner time as I made a quinoa salad for my boss and I. I love quinoa, such a great source of protein and so versatile. I don’t make it at home often unless its for my sister in law or dad and I as it is on Kevin’s will not eat list. Actually a good portion of the salads ingredients are on his will not eat list!!!! Though he will straight face tell you he isn’t fussy! I guess I still love him. Anyways the salad consists of quinoa and a mix of chopped onion, peppers, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, avocado, and beans of choice. I used chick peas because I love them and that is what was in the pantry here! I used fig balsamic vinegar as dressing but Greek dressing is also good on it. My boss and I had the salad with some lemon garlic chicken breast pieces, so good.


I guess I should get back to work, I have another hour before my weekend officially starts. Hope everyone is enjoying this wintery Wednesday.