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Hello October 🎃

Some days it’s really hard to fight the urge to count calories. Even tho I’ve made a conscious decision to sway away from that, focus on moving my body daily and eating what makes me feel good! I think it’s going to take a long time to break the habit of counting calories and judging food in the “healthy/un healthy” category’s.

I had to fight through the urge over breakfast to look up all the reasons why that 1/2 avocado was “too Much” or “unhealthy”. I reminded myself that I enjoy avocado and it keeps me full for a long time!

I think unlearning old habits is often harder then forming new habits!

Thankful Thursday Week 12/52

What a week! Are you guys okay out there? This week has been one of the longest weeks of any of our lives. The emotional roller coaster, the information overload, the fear, the unknown.

I don’t have a lot of advice to offer except love each other hard and do your best to help keep other safe.

Take time to breathe. Step away from social media. Find safe ways to distract from the situation at hand. Bake a cake, try a new recipe, read a book, dance! Anything that will make you smile!

This week I’m thankful for lots! I’m thankful for everyone who is taking this seriously. I’m thankful my family is currently healthy. I’m thankful I can bury my face in my husbands beard and in Jacob’s little neck and breathe in their smells and feel love.

I’m thankful for cheerful flowers and that Mother Nature has blessed us with a week of sunshine so we can at least play in the backyard to break up the day! I’m thankful for cupcakes and coffee. I’m thankful for phone calls with friends and daily text check in’s.

I’m thankful I can find something to be thankful for!

We are all in this together.


Chilly Thursday

I’m currently cuddled up on the couch with Muffin and Kev! I am so incredibly cold. I’m pep-talking myself to go to the gym. I should have went earlier but being my first day off I slept in a little after a late night Menchies froyo run last night.


Once I pulled my lazy self out of my warm and cozy bed I spent the day out and about with my man and my Muffin!

Today was casual, laid back and fun. I started by refilling all my bird feeders, I’ve become very attached to watching my little chickadees, bush tits, finches, etc. Pretty sure I’m also feeding half the squirrel population in our neighbour hood.


I figure the squirrel hunch is a safe one based on the fact one chewed the hole in this feeder twice the original size so he could binge eat mixed nuts!!!


I had to dump hot water in the birdbath as it was frozen solid this morning. Even though it was very cold it was a gorgeous day and we took advantage of it by taking a walk around the duck pond.





No matter how many times we go to the duck pond, Muffin isn’t sure she trusts those ducks!



Other then the park we spent some time going to my favorite local thrift stores in search of vintage Pyrex and other treasures. After shopping we decided to have a midday lunch date at the Olive Garden. You really can’t go wrong with soup, salad, and bread sticks. Oh an a free wine sample. Yum.



While lunch was good it wasn’t as good as the home made almond chicken, fried rice, and chow mien I made for dinner.


I made up the recipe for the almond chicken on my own and thankfully it turned out very well. I tossed the chicken in some crushed Trader Joes candied nuts once it was cooked for some sweetness. I really wish we had a TJ’s closer to home then Bellingham.

So folks that’s a quick run down of my day. Hope you all enjoyed your Thursday as much as I did. Seriously I’m gonna kill the rest of my coffee and get in a workout!!!